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Rainbow Arrows #NOTD

Rainbow Arrows #NOTD – How to Gradient

For a while I wasn’t into nail art. I’m not really sure what happened, but doing my nails became a chore. Painting my nails only takes 10 minutes, but nail art? That can take an hour to do. But in a moment of clarity,…


Zoya Crystal Snowflake #NOTD

Christmas is over so that means one thing: snowflake nails! One of my favorite wintery nail polishes is Zoya Crystal. It’s a beautiful blue foil with golden sparkles that make the polish look alive. This polish always reminded me of snow, so it made…


Rainbow Heart Gradient #NOTD

After a few weeks of awful, terrible nail breaks, I’m finally back with a #NOTD. My nails are finally grown out to a length where I’m not embarrassed to show them. To celebrate this momentous milestone, I decided to bring out my stamping supplies…


Pastel-Neon Marbled Aztec #NOTD

After receiving a nail stamping kit for my birthday from my loving boyfriend, (thanks Walter!!) I’ve been playing with stamping for every manicure. While I still have a lot to learn, this once has come out the best so far. I love the marbled…


2015 Nail Polish Favorites

It’s finally here! The end of year favorites posts. I look forward to seeing them from other bloggers, so I thought I’d share my list! Check out my 2015 Nail Polish Favorites down below!…


Christmas Dotticure Nail Art Tutorial

Today marks the day that the Christmas nail art begins! I started off easy with a dotticure, or a manicure that is created out of dots. I chose to do one that looks like a gradient. It’s super easy for beginners but looks really elegant.…


Red Glitter Fade Nail Art Tutorial

I wanted to get back into nail art, so I decided that I would go back to a stand-by: the glitter fade. It’s easy, has lots of sparkle and it looks like you spent a lot of time on it. Usually with glitter fades…