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Camp Gritty Dance Party Makeup Feat. Melt Cosmetics Blow

Between August 13 – 17, I was at an incredibly wonderful space called Camp Gritty (blog post about Camp to come!) One of the nights was a giant dance party, and beforehand we got to get makeup-ready with total sweetheart and talented makeup artist…


Rainbow Gay Pride Makeup Feat. Sugarpill Cosmetics

June is National Gay Pride month, and to celebrate I went down to New York to join my friends in watching the NYC Gay Pride Parade. Of course I was excited to support my friends and cheer on those who were marching, but I…


Chaotic Acid #FOTD

It’s been a hot while since I’ve uploaded a #FOTD. It’s been what, two months? That’s too crazy. That’s too long without a fun makeup look. And what would be more perfect to bring back a #FOTD than with acid green and blue? Nothing.…


Hayley Williams Misery Business Inspired Makeup

Hayley Williams is one of my style icons. The risks she takes with fashion and her love for color inspires me to try new things and wear color that’s outside of my comfort zone. One of Hayley’s iconic looks is the makeup and hair…


#FOTD: Ahitsrosa Inspired Acid Eye

Rosalina Young, also known as Ahitsrosa on YouTube, has stolen my heart with her bright and colorful eyeshadow looks. She isn’t afraid to go outside of the box and try something different. That’s really refreshing, especially on YouTube! I was inspired by her recent…