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The Planner Junkie Haul

So this haul is pretty old (like, three months maybe?) but I thought I would share it anyway. This is my first order from the shop and I’m really happy with it! Check out what I ordered down below.…


August Planner Kate Haul

So I was supposed to haul all of these Planner Kate stickers back in August, but more exciting posts came up and this one got pushes to the back burner. Today I’m sharing these stickers with you!…


Big Oh, Hello Stationery Co. Haul

Although my first haul with Oh, Hello Stationery Co. was a little disappointing, I decided to give the shop another try after learning it changed up its matte paper. I placed two different orders that were combined into one, so I decided to share…


KPL Plans Haul

Another Black Friday haul! This time from KPL Plans. I saw a YouTuber using this shop and I wanted to try them out. This shop had 40% off so of course I had to buy some things. Check out my KPL Plans haul below!…


Sweet Kawaii Design Haul

Over Black Friday weekend, Sweet Kawaii Design had a sale that was too good to give up. I’ve been wanting to purchase from this shop for a while, so having 10% off made it happen! Check out my Sweet Kawaii Design haul down below!…


My First Planner Kate Haul

I’ve always wanted to order from Planner Kate, so when I saw that she had a 40% off flash sale last week, I had to take advantage. Check out my first Planner Kate haul below! All Planner Kate stickers are printed on matte, repositionable sticker paper. I…