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December Empties

Remember when I said I wanted to use up a ton of stuff in November because I was moving? And thought I actually used up a lot? Well that does not compare to how much stuff I used up in December. It’s like everything…


A Year in My Erin Condren

I was through my planner the other day and saw that my first spread was in August. Then I looked at the dates and I realized: I’ve been using my planner for a year now! It was so strange to think about how a…


A Week in My Erin Condren: August 8 – August 12

This week was awful, but looking back at it, it was so terrible it was hilarious. But thankfully I have amazing friends and family to cheer me up. Read about this week from Hell down below!…


A Week in My Erin Condren: August 1 – August 7

This week has been crazy. I’ve had nearly no time to relax, sleep or work on this blog. And for that I’m sorry. I pride myself on getting three posts out a week, but that didn’t happen last week. Hopefully this week will be…