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(Yet Another) Green and Glitter Underliner Makeup Look

I’ve had the picture for this look edited and ready since my last rainbow eye makeup look, but I never got around to posting about it. Right when I posted that look, I started a retail job that unfortunately didn’t pan out. Now that…


Peach and Pink Spring #FOTD

This Spring has been a roller coaster of weather, but this week has been nice enough where I feel like I can wear pastels and not be too bright for the weather. I used my favorite Urban Decay palette to make this almost alien-like…


March Empties

As comes the March Favorites post comes the March Empties post. While I was planning on doing seasonal empties, I realized I gathered too much trash to 1. write about four times a year and 2. hold onto for that long. Check out how…


#FOTD: Ahitsrosa Inspired Acid Eye

Rosalina Young, also known as Ahitsrosa on YouTube, has stolen my heart with her bright and colorful eyeshadow looks. She isn’t afraid to go outside of the box and try something different. That’s really refreshing, especially on YouTube! I was inspired by her recent…


#FOTD: Vice 4 C-Note

The first week of the semester just ended, so of course I needed to make a good impression with my professors during syllabus week. While I usually tend to stick to a very basic, neutral eye with a pink lip, inspiration hit me Thursday…