I Learned How To Do Gel Nails


Over the pandemic I became interested into doing my own gel nails. I’ve always wanted long, strong and beautiful nails but I couldn’t get myself to pay for it. There are a ton of talented artists in Rhode Island, but I like to do the art myself. So I learned how to do my own gel nails.

It started with the Kiara Sky Gelly Tip system. It was a really simple way to get the extensions I wanted but without learning how to sculpt. All you do is apply some gel, add the “gelly” tip and cure. Done! It was quick and easy but I found that my nails lifted really easily.

I messed around with different gels, gel tips and lights and improved upon my prep. But even with all of that my nails kept lifting within a week. My nails never held polish for more than 48 hours so I thought this was normal. After some research I learned that was definitely not the case.

YouTube offered me a ton of resources to learn how to improve my prep. Young Nails and The Nail Hub became the two channels I went to learn about fake gel nails. From them I learned that sculpting your nails is the best way to ensure a custom fit and make them last longer.

So of course I went out and bought a ton of Young Nails gel and learned how to create an extension and sculpt a nail. It took many, many months but I’m finally at a point where I feel confident in my application. Customers at work who are nail technicians will tell me how great my nails look. Even when I show them my apex they are impressed.

I’ve done quite a few sets at this point and I have a ton of tips for fellow DIYers learning to do your own gel nails. Here are some of my mistakes that you don’t have to make.

  • Some products work better for your nails than others. Changing my bonder and builder gel helped my gel nails stay on longer. Try switching up your products.
  • Invest in a quality nail drill! I started with a cheap one and wasted my money when I realized I couldn’t control the speed. I ended up getting this one from Melody Susie and I love it.
  • Practice! I’ve been doing these nails since Oct. 2020 and only now can I say I feel confident in my work. Keep trying!

Here are some of the looks I’ve done so far. I love that I have total control over my art. My nails last 2-3 weeks with no lifting or popping and I’m so proud of that.

I also now make press on nails! I use my unused “gelly” nails to make custom press on gel nails. I’ll probably make a post about my whole business.

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