I’m Not Buying Anything for One Year


A lot of has changed for me since the last time I posted (if you want to read that blog post you can read it here.) But one thing has not changed in the least. If anything it got worse. The amount of products I have waiting to be used is disgusting. That’s why I’m not buying anything for one year.

I love buying things. We all know this. I posted tons of hauls in the past of things I’ve ordered. But nine times out of 10 those things get used once and then end up in a drawer. I was ok with this for a really long time. If they got used once then it the purchase was justifiable.

This past year I got a job at a well-known cosmetics retailer and it’s been a dream. I get to talk about makeup all day with the kindest people and get a cool discount. But then came something called training product. As an employee I get monthly product to try out. This helps me sell the product better to the customer.

At first getting all this free product every month was like hitting the jackpot. But just like everything else I’ve bought it goes into a drawer and I forget about it. This was ok a for a while. But then I decided to go through my drawers to see what I actually have. What I fought disgusted me.

I have enough mascara to last me three years. The amount of toner I have is insane. I have more foundation than I know what to do with. All of the product I have previously purchased plus the stuff I got through training was enough to fill two drawers.

Past me would have been perfectly fine with this. If anything I’d be showing it off on Instagram. But something happened that I wasn’t expecting. I was disgusted. I started doing some math on how much I have spent on makeup and skincare that I haven’t even used and I got this enormous pit in my stomach. It made me feel physically sick.

I’ve heard of folks doing “no buys” before; where you don’t buy anything for a set amount of time and use what you have. I always thought they were ridiculous and unattainable. But then I saw how much stuff I have and I changed my tune. I’m ready to start my no buy.

Not buying anything for one year is going to be really tough. Working in said cosmetics retailer presents temptation every day and it doesn’t help that I get a great discount. But after taking inventory I don’t need to buy anything for a long, long time. I did buy some things to get me through this no buy like cotton rounds, but after that I don’t want to buy anything I currently have.

I chose one year because I have enough things to last me at least that long. Once the year is up I’ll reassess and see if not buying anything does me any good.

I plan to write up monthly updates on how I’m doing, if I bought anything and how much I spent, what I used up and any surprises that happen during the challenge.

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