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Billie Razor Review

Shaving and I have a complicated relationship. It started when I was 13 and my mom refused to let me use a razor to rid my underarms of the slightly tinted hair that was growing. I guess she was afraid I was going to hurt myself or use the razors for something else. So instead I used Nair, a foul-smelling and painful hair remover cream that chemically burned my armpits from the first use.

I’ve struggled ever since to find a hair removal device that works for me. Electric razors never really worked. Waxing hurt and was too expensive. And razors from the drugstore left me with a weird rash every time I shaved. So for a long time, I just stopped removing the hair even after comments from friends and family. I was just tired of the pain.

After over 10 years of  shaving my underarms, stomach and legs, I’ve finally found a razor that doesn’t hurt me. And it’s all because of a Facebook ad! Read more in my Billie razor review down below!

Billie is a razor subscription service meant for women and non-binary people. The brand was tired of the pink tax on products like razors and was disappointed in other razor subscription services that cater to men.

For $9 to start, you receive the razor handle (color of your choice!), a matching magnetic holder and two replacement blades. I picked the Billie Blush shade, a millenial pink.

When signing up, you can choose the frequency of your refills for either every month, every 2 months or every 3 months. I chose every 3 months because I only shave once a week. Each refill comes with four replacement blades, costs $9 and ships for free.

What got me to sign up for Billie was that the company is cruelty-free and completely vegan. As I was transitioning to veganism, I didn’t realize that most razors are 1. tested on animals and 2. not vegan. That aloe strip on the razor that you love and hate? Yeah, that has animal products on it. Ew.

Everything from Billie is vegan which means that I don’t have to worry about buying something that has animal products in it. Cool!

The first thing I noticed about the razor when I got it was the 5 blades. I always bought 3 or 4 blade razors because the 5 blades were just too expensive. But with the 5 blades, I’ve gotten the smoothest shave I’ve ever gotten. And each replacement head costs $2.25 each! It’s such a good deal compared to what you can find at the drugstore or big box store.

The replacement heads are also encased in aloe soap that lasts longer than one use. While I still find myself needing a shave cream to get a smooth and moisturized shave, it’s nice to have that added moisture around the razor.

This is also the first razor that has given me zero irritation. No more underarm rashes that last for weeks or painful ingrown hairs. I truly believe it’s because this brand is vegan. I cannot come up with an explanation otherwise.

But the coolest thing about this razor is the magnetic holder. Some fancy razors come with a holder that attaches to your shower wall with a clip. I found that my razors always fell from those clips or the holder completely fell off the shower wall with the slightest touch. I’ve had mine since February and my holder is still staying strong. It hasn’t fallen off once and the handle only comes off the magnetic holder with a good pull.

I’ve also tried the Dry-Bye Lotion, Billie’s own body lotion. It’s meant to dry to a matte touch that still leaves a ton of hydration. And it does! I find that the moisture lasts all day and isn’t sticky.

With Billie, my trust in shaving has been restored. I no longer fear shaving or dread doing it. I now get smooth shaves with little to no irritation. And plus, knowing that Billie is a cruelty-free and vegan brand makes me want to support them even more.

You can purchase a Billie subscription at or using this link here.

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