September Favorites Feat. Too Faced

September Favorites Feat. Too Faced

Every now and then I like to sit down and write a list of what posts I’d like to write in the future. My monthly favorites are almost always on that list, but for some reason or another I can never get myself to reflect on my past month and figure out what products I loved the most. After seeing a few YouTube videos of people sharing their favorites, I started to think about what I truly loved last month. After much though, I present to you my September favorites.

LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla ($12; Lavanila)
After deciding to go full-vegan months ago, I knew that I would have to switch up more than just my meals. according to the American Acne Foundation, going vegan meant changing your skincare and everyday items that I don’t think about. I had heard a lot over the years about the LAVANILA deodorants, and after finding out they were vegan I bought the mini to try it out. I’ve used natural deodorants before and never had much luck. My underarms would start to chafe and I would sweat like crazy. However, after learning that those are normal signs of pit detox, I decided to give this deodorant a chance in a second round of trials. And it works! It’s super creamy to apply and feels like I’m applying moisturizer to my underarms. The smell is heavenly; like wrapping myself in vanilla and essential oils. And the best part? No sweat or stink! I’ve tried some other natural deodorants after going through the pit detox, but I think I’m going to stick with this brand even at the price. Worth it!

Too Faced Born This Way Foundation ($39; Too Faced)
I’ve always wanted to try this foundation but the lightest shades were never light enough for me. They were always way too yellow and about three shades too dark. This past summer Too Faced released a few new shades. While the focus was mostly on darker shades (good!), Too Faced released a shade which is now their lightest: Cloud. Can you guess what color I wear? This foundation has a beautiful natural finish that teeters the perfect line between matte and dewy. It has a medium coverage that can be built up to full, but one pump is sufficient enough to almost cover my freckles and redness. This foundation lasts throughout my whole day without breaking down and still looks beautiful when powdered. I rarely have a problem with this foundation, even on my bad skin days. That’s what makes this product one of my September favorites; it’s reliable and looks beautiful.

Dior Addict Lacquer Stick Lipstick in Sassy ($37; Dior)
Let me preface this by saying that I work for Dior and I received this as a part of my gratis. That means I received this product for free because of my employment with Dior. But don’t let that statement cloud your judgement: this lipstick is amazing. The formula is butter smooth. Like sometimes I can’t believe this is a lipstick because of how smoothly this goes on. It feels like I’m applying a lip balm. Then the shine – oh the shine! It’s so glossy you would think it’s a lipgloss, but the long-lasting formula proves that it’s a lipstick. Before receiving my gratis I had never used the product that I was selling. It was just too expensive for my budget. But after trying the different formulas, I am HOOKED. I wish I had shown the color in this photo because Sassy is a beautiful fuchsia that would look amazing on any skin tone. Maybe that’s how they get you to be a customer for life. They give you free product and get you fall so in love that you never stop buying the product even when you’ve moved on to other jobs. You tricked me Dior and it worked because now I’m pushing your lipstick in my September favorites.

And those are my September favorites! What were your favorites for the month? Let me know in the comments!

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