My Achievable Goals for 2018: Fall Update

Goals for 2018: Fall Update

Just because I didn’t write a summer update doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my goals for this year! My last update was from the spring and a lot has gone on since then. These are my goals for 2018: fall update. Pour yourself a drink or grab a snack; this is gonna be a long one.

  1. Write More Letters:
    I work two jobs (this shouldn’t be a surprise anymore) and I have a hard time finding time to sit and blog, let alone write a letter or two. But I’ve been making strides to get this into my routine again. Even if I only write 4-5 letters a month and in one sitting, I call that a success. After another fun year of Camp Gritty, I was inspired to start writing to my new and old friends again. Plus, I’ve bought myself a sheet of international stamps so hopefully that makes writing letters to pals in other countries a little easier. I’ve already written four this month, so let’s see how many I can write next month!
  2. Focus On My New Hobbies:
    I love taking my Instax with me on the rare occasion I leave my house for something other than work. I’ve been keeping a nice supply of film on me to make this easier. No more “the film is too expensive” talk Amazon sells packs for around $8. I haven’t bought too many records since I don’t have much time to listen to them, but whenever a band comes out with a new album or a new pressing, I pick it up.
  3. Become Vegetarian:
    Ya girl is fully vegan now! I gave myself until the end of the year to cut out the rest of the animal products I kept in my diet and I’ve done a good job of it! I cave into the treats at work from time-to-time, but I’m getting a lot better at saying no. Cooking vegan has been super easy and cheap, and I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by being vegan. It makes it easy that there are a ton of vegan-friendly restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and markets around me. And my family and friends have been more and more supportive of this vegan journey.
  4. Support Women-Owned Businesses:
    This has been where I’ve been slacking. Remember that coffee shop I used to go to? Their coffee now destroys my stomach. I’ve been going there less and less and it makes me so dang sad. Their flavors were delicious and unique and I’ll miss it. I haven’t done much research into the brands I’m buying from and I feel like I’ve let myself down by not sticking to this goal. But the cool thing about these goals I’ve set is that they are flexible. I’m going to try and be better about this. I won’t be 100% perfect, but I can be better!
  5. Wake Up Earlier:
    And finally, the goal that escaped me in my last update. I’m better about this during the week when I have to wake up at 6 AM to be into work by 9. Easy. But it’s harder on the weekends when my shifts are later in the day or at the earliest at 10 AM. I’ve been sleeping in a bit because I’m just too dang tired. But I’ve been sticking to this one and I’m glad about it. When I wake up early I get things done and it’s such a good feeling.

And those are my goals for 2018: fall update! I’m kind of excited to look back and see that I’ve met or exceeded most of my goals. That feels really good! That was the point of writing these updates and I’m glad that I kept myself accountable. Have you stuck to your goals? Let me know down below!

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