Camp Gritty 2018 Dance Party Makeup

Camp Gritty 2018 Dance Party Makeup

After having so much fun at Camp Gritty last year, of course I had to travel once more to the woods of Tennessee to experience Camp again. I didn’t think Camp could get any better than what it was last year, but this year blew me away with the activities and attention given to every detail.

The dance party not only was one of my favorite activities, but one of my favorite activities to get ready for! One of the actual planned activities was getting ready for the party with makeup, hair and tons of glitter. My look last year was obnoxiously green, so I chose a different color to focus on this year: pink!

Want to know how I got this pink look? Read my Camp Gritty 2018 makeup tutorial down below!

Much like last year, I kept to a color theme to make it easy to coordinate the whole look while making a big impact. And much like last year, I used the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette to create my look.

To prevent my makeup sweating off, I started with a base of Urban Decay Primer Potion –  my go-to for years. This also ensured I had complete color payoff. I started with Gossip, a mid-tone shimmering berry red in the crease with a MAC 217 blending brush. This gave me a great color base to work off of. I then took Alchemy, a darker shimmering cranberry to deepen up the deep crease and give the look dimension.

I took a break from the crease and moved to my lid. Using the shader brush that comes with the palette, I took Paranoia, a shimmering pale pink and packed the color onto the inner corner and middle of my lid; basically most of my lid. Taking Gossip I filled in the rest of my lid taking care to blend the two colors together and packing the shadow until I got the payoff that I wanted. Then without adding any addition shadow, I took the MAC 217 brush and swept it through my crease to blend the lid and crease colors seamlessly. No harsh lines here today!

To finish up the crease I took the MAC 217 and dipped it lightly into Seize, a coral-orange. I swept that right along the edge of the crease to add a little bit of color difference and blend out the harsh pink. The orange is really subtle, but it makes a big difference in how the look photographs and looks in person!

I then took Paranoia and Gossip and blended the two along my lower lash line. To finish off the eyeshadow I packed Iced, a glittery iced silver, into the inner corner.

Camp Gritty 2018 Dance Party Look
Before the space buns and pink Poster Paste.

What Camp Gritty 2018 makeup look would be complete without glitter? I took the Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter in Grind and applied that liberally the inner third of my lids. I wanted to cover most of the Paranoia shadow in the glitter. Gotta sparkle from across the room! I finished this look off with my signature cat eyeliner from a brand I no longer support. And of course, mascara, but that goes without saying, right? Right?

To finish off this look I took the Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamp in Star and added one right below my wing. These stamps were on my face every single day of camp and they brought me so much joy! Even better was stamping them on the faces of every person that came into the bathroom when I was getting ready.

Although the makeup was done, I wasn’t done getting ready! I asked my wonderful, talented and oh-so patient cabinmate Beth to create two giant space buns on the top of my head. I know nothing about hair and I’m thankful that Beth stepped in to do my hair! Even better was doing her makeup later in the day. I did a bright green similar to my look last year to match her freshly dyed green hair. She looked so fierce and matchy-matchy.

A few months ago my friend Stephanie picked me up a container of Good Dye Young’s Poser Paste, a temporary hair color that washes out as easily as it applies. To apply take a little from the jar, rub it between your fingers to get it warmed up and apply through the hair working one section at a time. I like to take a fine-toothed comb and brush through the color to get a soft look, building the color as I go. What I love about Poster Paste is that it doesn’t flake on my clothes, doesn’t stain my face and doesn’t come off until you wash it off. No pink running down my face when I got my bangs all sweaty and no worrying that it was going to transfer onto my bedsheets.

Camp Gritty 2018 Dance Party Look

And that’s the completed Camp Gritty 2018 dance party makeup look! If you made it this far down the post, you’re a trooper and I thank you for reading my blog. If you got this far to see a picture, you’re cool too! Keep being cool and thanks for reading my blog.

If you went to Camp Gritty this year and want to show off your makeup look from the dance party, field day or any other day, email me at and you’ll be featured in a future post!

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