May Favorites Feat. Milk Makeup


It’s been a hot while since a favorites post! Quite frankly, I wasn’t into these posts anymore. It seemed like a chore to gather favorites and at one point I was gathering random things to use in these posts. That’s not what a good blogger does! But after a friend told me that they missed my favorite posts I thought I would bring them back. Check out my May Favorites Feat. Milk Makeup products!

  1. Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner
    For a while I never believed in toner. I thought it was a useless part of my routine. Why do I need to balance the PH in my skin when I don’t even know what that means? My derm recommended to use a toner in my routine and she said to use one with glycolic acid. The one that she recommended for me wasn’t cruelty-free or vegan, so I did some research and found this one from Mario Badescu! Mario Badescu does not test on animals and some of their products are vegan. Once I added this to my routine I saw my skin start to clear up of long-term pimples and bumps. My skin got incredibly smooth and my makeup now looks so much better on my skin. If you aren’t using a toner, I highly recommend adding this one to your routine!
  2. Milk Makeup Blur Stick
    I’ve fallen head-over-heels in love with Milk Makeup. I love that they are cruelty-free, vegan and a supporter of LGBTQ+ rights. I needed a new primer and picked up a mini of the Blur Stick to try out. BOY was I in love. It smoothed out my pores and stopped my makeup from creasing as badly throughout the day. It’s silky smooth going on the skin and blends in nicely. I bought this full-sized stick back in March and it’s still going strong! Sometimes I feel like I haven’t even put in a dent in it. Milk Makeup can be expensive for what you get, but in this case, it’s 100% worth the money.
  3. Milk Makeup Tattoo Stamps
    When I heard of these years ago I thought they were a waste of money. Put after trying them on in store and seeing that they last all day and DO NOT budge, I needed them. I bought the star and the heart and I want a few more shapes. I’ll wear them on my cheek like a beauty mark, on my eyelid, on my knuckles, fingers… honestly anywhere. They last through hand washing and super sweaty workouts. They sometimes won’t even come off with makeup remover! When they say “tattoo,” they mean it.

And those are my May Favorites! Are you happy this series is back? Let me know down below!

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