Sunshine and Daisies MoYou London Trend Hunter #NOTD


MoYou London Trend Hunter

Now that the weather has been warming up, I’ve been wanting to dress up my nails in pastel shades and fun nail designs. I’ve been loving floral (for spring? Groundbreaking,) and wanted my nails to feel the love, too. I used the MoYou London Trend Hunter 01 plate to create this fun sunshine and daisies look for spring. Find out how I got this down below!

I usually don’t wear yellow on my nails, but I’m digging this way this pastel yellow looks. It’s the Deborah Lippmann polish in Lemon Drop. It came in a set of 6 a few years ago. The wear on those polishes isn’t great, but the colors are beautiful. I wore this nail art for one day and already had significant chips. I’m also wear testing a new top coat, but I’m not going to blame these premature chips on the top coat – at least for now. I’ve only worn this new top and base coat for three manicures, so once I have a consensus on how I feel about them, I’ll let you guys know!

I bought the Trend Hunter 01 plate when it first came out, but I never did any art for the blog with it. I used it once in a manicure that smudged pretty bad. For this nail art, I paired the yellow base with a bright, neon orange stamping color from Bundle Monster. This polish is called Teepee Tipping and is from the Weekend Warrior collection. I own two polishes from that collection and boy are they bright! Bundle Monster wasn’t kidding when they said the colors were neon. I haven’t tested them under black light, but I feel like these would glow.

To start the look, I painted three coats of Lemon Drop. The polishes from that set are tricky to work with and have a tendency to be patchy. For this yellow (and honestly and yellow,) I needed the three coats to cover the bald spots. I let the polish dry and applied Bliss Kiss Simply Peel Liquid Latex around my cuticles. It was my first time using it and I like it! It glitters when it dries. How fun!

I then applied Teepee Tipping onto the MoYou London Trend Hunter 01 plate and swiped using a Bundle Monster scraper. I’ve been digging the flexible scrapers lately. I find that I have more control with them. I made sure that the flowers were near the cuticle and as much of the grid pattern was showing. The image was a little too small for my thumb, so I stamped again and only put the flower side where the image didn’t cover my nail originally.

After letting the stamping the dry, I peeled off the liquid latex and cleaned up using the Twinkled T Cleaning Brush Size 6. The size 6 is my favorite. It’s big enough for large cleaning but small enough to clean up my cuticle line. I then applied a coat of quick dry top coat.

I wish this nail art didn’t chip as fast as it did. This color combo is super fun for spring and brings some sunshine to my nails when it’s incredibly gloomy outside. Have you used any of the MoYou London Trend Hunter plates? There are a ton of new ones I’ve been dying to try! Let me know what you think.

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