My Achievable Goals for 2018: Spring Update


My Goals for 2018: Spring Update

It’s been three months since I wrote my goals for 2018, and it’s been an amazing three months! My original plan was to update you all every month, but I think that would have been overkill. Instead I’ll be bringing you three more updates for the year: summer update (July), fall update (October) and end-of-year update (December.) Below you’ll see each of my original goals and how I’ve been implementing them so far. Did I fail? Did I succeed? Or did my goals evolve with my tastes? Read my Goals for 2018: Spring Update down below!

  1. Write more letters
    As I outlined in my original post, I’ve always loved writing and sending letters to my friends and family. It’s always a fun day when I receive a letter or get notice that a friend received theirs. I’ve sent quite a few letters this year! I slacked a little in March, but I’ve kept my promise about sending at least one letter a week. I’ve been collecting new stationery, trying new pens and sending letters internationally! I hope to keep this up over the summer.
  2. Focus on my new hobbies
    This has been a super success! I got over my fear of taking pictures of people in public and now bring my Instax camera around with me. I’m trying to get better about remembering to bring it with me, but when I do I’m not afraid to take a picture or two. I’ve bought a few vinyl records, too. I love buying them at shows when I just heard the openers for the first time. I love hearing how different they sound live than recorded.
  3. Become vegetarian
    So I’ve gone beyond vegetarianism. I’ve felt amazing since cutting out meat completely and following a diet which included superfood as delineated at I have more energy, I can eat more food without feeling gut-bustingly full and my body feels different. But I’ve taken it to the next level: I’ve started to transition to becoming vegan. I’ve cut out drinking cow’s milk, I’ve drastically cut down on my cheese consumption and I’m moving away from eating eggs. It’s been a challenge for sure, but after watching documentaries, talking with friends and watching vegan YouTubers (shout out to Hot For Food,) I know that going vegan is right for me. In the future I’m going to make a post about my favorite vegan cookbooks. Stay tuned.
  4. Support women-owned businesses
    This has been one that I’m failing on. I definitely still drink from Starbucks and Dunkin’. I shop from clothing companies with male CEOs. But you know what I’m going better at? Ordering from independent female-owned small businesses online. The nail polish top coat I love? Owned by a woman. The pin makers I buy from? Women. The indie makeup companies I buy from? Women owned! I’m slowly getting there, but I want to be more conscience of the larger companies I buy from. I can be better at this.
  5. Wake up earlier
    Uh…. nope. It worked for a while. When I was working in retail this worked great. My shifts were later in the day and waking up early was a choice. Now that I’m working a corporate job, waking up early is necessary. I sleep in late on the weekends (which is like, 8:30) because I’m so dang tired from the week. I’m hoping over the next three months I’ll get back into waking up early. I got so much done!

When I first approached this post, I was expecting my goals for 2018: spring update to be me apologizing for not meeting my goals. But I’m super proud of achieving and surpassing a lot of my goals. I can’t wait to see what I achieve over the next three months.

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