Ciate Glitter Flip Review and Swatches


Ciate Glitter Flip Review

I’m reviewing something super cool today. This lipstick has been all over the Internet lately and I totally bought into the hype. The Ciate Glitter Flip lipstick is a matte liquid lipstick that transforms into a metallic, glittery lipstick by pressing your lips together. It’s innovative, something we’ve never seen before and totally cool! Check out my Ciate Glitter Flip review down below!

The Ciate Glitter Flip lipstick is described on the Sephora website as:

A transforming glitter liquid lipstick in a metallic matte hue. Simply press lips together and watch as metallic matte liquid lipstick magically transforms into a no-mess, dazzling, multidimensional glitter lip—in a fraction of the time of a traditional glitter lip look. The stay-put formulation is non-drying and totally comfortable, and will last all night with no need for retouching. 

I’ve seen plenty of videos of this on YouTube, but they never looked real to me. It looked like the camera was making these more dazzling than they actually were. But yo, these videos are 100 percent real and showing the truth. This lipstick is magic.

I got the shade Iconic, which Sephora describes as black. I don’t think that’s true. While it is incredibly dark, it’s more purple than it is black. It’s more of a deep, dark purple with silver, purple and blue glitter.

Ciate Glitter Flip Review

This arm swatch shows the darkness of the base. It looks black, but it’s more of a dark purple. The glitter shows up on the arm swatch, but it shows up way differently on the lips. On the lips it shows up as a dark almost-black matte lip with a slight metallic sheen. So word of the wise, what you swatch in Sephora will look way different once you get it on the lips. If you can, try the lipstick on in the store.

Ciate Glitter Flip Review

Here’s a grainy photo of the lipstick before the concert.

I first wore the lipstick out to an Ed Sheeran concert (which was amazing, by the way!) I thought this would be a great way to test it because I’d be dancing, singing, drinking and eating all night. Usually I apply lipsticks with a lip brush, but I wanted to see how this applied straight from the wand. It applied evenly and I got pretty crisp lines considering how dark the color is.

What I found weird is that some of the instructions say to wait 1 minute before pressing your lips together while other instructions say to wait 2. I waited 2 minutes to be safe. If you applied the product a little thick, wait until you can see the lipstick has dried on your lips.

It wore… ok. It started to fade in the middle after a few hours. The glitter stayed in tact, but the color was fading fast. It never got drying, though.

Reapplying the lipstick wasn’t a great idea. It got very thick very fast and applied unevenly. If you’re going to reapply the lipstick, I suggest wiping off the remaining lipstick and starting again. The glitter didn’t come out right, applied very thick and got incredibly sticky.

The bottom line: I think this lipstick is a lot fun! As you can see from the pictures, this lipstick has a great metallic sheen and the glitter pops against the dark base. If you aren’t doing a lot of eating or drinking, the lipstick wears well. But if you’re going out to eat or spending a night at bars, this may not be the best. That being said, I recommend the Ciate Glitter Flip!

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