Bundle Monster Teenage Dream Candy Heart Nails


Bundle Monster Teenage Dream Candy Heart Nails

I’m back with nail art! It’s been quite a hot minute since I’ve posted nail art. I fell off the wagon for a while. I didn’t even paint my nails for a whole month. After 5+ years on constantly having my nails painted, I think I was burnt out. But after doing this nail art and trying some others, I think I may be back in the swing of things. Let’s hope this streak lasts!

Today’s look uses the Bundle Monster Teenage Dream stamping plate set. These plates came out a while ago, but this is one of the first looks I used using multiple plates. I was inspired by these nails by midnight_stamper. I did mine a little differently, but I think the overall look is the same. Check out how to get these nails down below!

To start off any nail art, I like to start with a white canvas. I painted two coats of OPI Alpine Snow on all of my nails except my pinky. For the diagonal swipes and my pinky I used OPI Do You Lilac It?, which is my favorite lilac – this is my second bottle! I alternated the swipes of the lilac on all of my fingers. I kept the middle nail on both hands free of lilac since I put a decal.

While I let those stripes dry, I created the two candy hearts decals using the reverse stamping method (blog post on that in the future.) I like to do my reverse stamping directly on the stamper. It makes it easier to place the decal onto the nail later. The candy heart is from the Bundle Monster Teenage Dream plate P-102. I filled them in pink and green. I let those dry for 20 minutes.

What makes this look so complex are the gold details. I used the Bundle Monster Teenage Dream plate P-103. For the gold I used ORLY Luxe. It’s not the best gold for stamping, but it’s what I have!

The final part of this look is placing the candy heart decals on the middle finger. To make the decals stick, I painted one thin coat of a clear polish and let it dry until it was slightly tacky. Next, I used the stamper to place the decal exactly where I wanted it. I sealed my designs in with a quick dry top coat.

Want to get this Bundle Monster Teenage Dream look for yourself? You can buy all of the products I mentioned above on Amazon!

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