Makeup Flashback: Pink Underliner


It’s been a bit since I’ve blogged about makeup! Weekends are really the only time I get to wear the bright, colorful makeup that makes me feel most myself. Usually I opt for bright eyeliner with a subtle lip, and this look was no different. I took some inspiration from a look I did in 2012 and did a fun pink underliner look! Find out how I got this look down below.

Makeup Flashback: Pink Underliner

On the right is my original look from 2012 taken on my iMac’s awful built-in camera. Look at that grain! Gotta love it. Back in high school I didn’t know how to use liquid eyeliner, so I wasn’t creating any winged liner. Instead I let the pink underliner be the star of the look.

I started the eye makeup off the way I normally apply my makeup: a light brown in the crease followed by a darker, mocha brown in the deep crease. I kept the lid

bare with a light cream colored shadow and applied my wing as normal.

For the pink underliner, I used the same eyeliner I used back in 2012. Urban Decay’s Woodstock is a bright pink eyeliner that has a slight shimmer. I applied the pencil from outer corner to the inner corner, tapering it off once I got closer towards my tear duct. Before the liner set I smudged it out, making sure to take the liner lower than I normally would. To help emphasize the pink liner, I took Gossip from the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette and smudged that along the liner, too. I felt like the look was too one dimensional, so I smudged the slightest bit of matte black shadow along the outer corners.

I’m not sure what my inspiration was back in high school. Twenty One Pilots wasn’t as huge as they are now, so it couldn’t have been Josh Dun. It wasn’t my friends because they didn’t wear makeup like this. And it wasn’t YouTube because I never saw a look like this. But either way, I love this look even five years later.

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