Liquid Silica For Nail Growth: 30 Day Results


Liquid Silica for Nail Growth: 30 Day Results

We’ve all seen it in every magazine we’ve read: supplements will help your hair, skin and nails grow longer, stay pimple free, and grow stronger. I’ve tried biotin, collagen and multi-vitamins to help my nails grow faster, stronger and longer. But those three left me with acne, nasty hair, and no help in growing the strong nails that I wanted. I don’t know how I found out about liquid silica, but after reading only one article, I knew that I would give this a try. In that article, the author explained that they used liquid silica for nail growth and hair growth, but mostly for nail growth. They said that biotin hadn’t helped them grow nails, but liquid silica did. It was on sale on Amazon that week, so I said “why not” and decided to try it out. Read below for my 30 day update!

Liquid silica is the preferred method of taking silica by that article’s author, so I did that as well. I bought the Eidon Silica Mineral Supplement on Amazon and followed the directions of taking 30 drops in a 8 oz glass on water once a day. I’ve decided to take liquid silica for 60 days before making a final decision.

Here are my results after 30 days:

I noticed my hair was a little thicker, but I don’t think it grew any faster. It was definitely shinier and more vibrant, but it was a subtle difference. I didn’t see a big difference in 30 days. However, I’ve seen a HUGE difference in my eyelashes. They are incredibly long! I thought maybe it was my mascara making my eyelashes longer, but nope, it’s my natural eyelashes that are longer!

My skin has been breaking out lately, and in much worse pimples than I usually have. Some of these really hurt and won’t pop, and one even feels hard under the surface! This could be for three reasons: 1. The liquid silica, 2. I had the worst period a few weeks ago and 3. I haven’t been drinking a lot of water. These were the type of pimples I got when I tried biotin, but I’m going to stick this out for another 30 days and see if it goes away,

I was hoping to see a difference right away, but unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to be the case. I think I have to wait until the 60 day mark to see if the new nail growth is stronger than the old nail growth. I’ve had the same number of corner breaks as I did before I started taking liquid silica, and my nails don’t feel any stronger than before.

Final verdict:
After 30 days, the only positive difference I’ve seen is in my eyelashes. They are much longer than they were before taking liquid silica. Negatively, my skin has been breaking out in pimples I’ve never had before. My nails seem just as fragile, soft and thin as they were before. I think I’m going to try this for another 30 days before I give up on liquid silica for nail growth.

Have you tried supplements for your nails before? Comment below on what worked or what didn’t work!

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