Bundle Monster Peace Out, Astronaut #NOTD


Bundle Monster Peace Out, Astronaut #NOTD

For a while there I thought I wouldn’t be able to do nail art for a long time. All of my nails broke and they looked awful. On top of that,  my cuticles were a mess. They haven’t fully grown back yet. However, they’ve gotten to a point where I can do nail art without pain and have it look good on some manicured nails. When I bought the Bundle Monster Festival nail plate set last year, I bought it mostly for plate BM-S303. That plate has the coolest images on it. So, using that plate and BM-2305, I create this nail art design that I never want to take off. Seriously, the arrows look so cool. Found out how I got this Bundle Monster Peace Out, Astronaut #NOTD down below!

To start off the look I painted my nails three coats of OPI Did It On ‘Em. This color came out years ago with the Nicki Minaj collection, but you can still get it online. This color spoke to me when I got it because of how bright it is, and that’s what drew me to it for this look. I did three coats. I would also wait in between the coats. If you don’t, you’ll get bald spots.

After I let that dry I worked on the astronaut first. I wanted the perfect placement for this, so I opted for my MoYou London Crystal Clear stamper. The black is Bundle Monster Straight Up Black. First, I stamped the head of the astronaut on my middle finger. I made sure that the center was perfectly placed on my nail. Because we want the illusion that the image spreads evenly across the three nails, it’s best to make sure the placement is right. Then I worked on each arm, making sure I didn’t get the astronaut’s head or shoulders on the nail. As you can see on my ring finger, that didn’t work perfectly. When I try this again, I’m going to use tape to remove the parts that I don’t want.

For the arrows on my pinky and thumb, I used plate BM-S305. I made sure those were placed in the middle.

After I cleaned up, I top coated with my all time favorite top coat, Glisten & Glow HK Girl.

That’s the end of this Bundle Monster Peace Out, Astronaut #NOTD look! What do you think of it? Let me know down below!

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