Oh, Hello Stationery Co. Haul


Oh, Hello Stationery Co. Haul

Oh, Hello Stationery Co is one of my favorite shops. I’m not going to lie: they weren’t my favorite at first. I wasn’t a fan of their bright colors and their graphics. But after trying the company once, I haven’t looked back. The quality is perfection, the customer service is fantastic and Alex and Kayla hand draw every single thing you see in the shop. No overused stock images or bought graphics. They make everything. This is my largest haul, but there have been two since this. That’s how much I love this shop. Read more about my Oh, Hello Stationery Co. haul down below!

Today Headers ($3.25): I always struggle with covering the top line of the ECLP Vertical. I decided that the best way to do that would be with these headers! I got the rainbow and monochrome versions to make sure they always match my spreads.

Half Box Heart Checklists ($3.05): I’m not into full box checklists or skinny checklists, so these seemed like a nice happy medium. Plus, I never really finish long checklists, anyway. Three hearts seemed just enough. I got the rainbow and pastel versions.

Rainbow Half Boxes ($3.05): I love these half boxes! I had to get some more. I always have at least three sheets at all times.

40 Holiday Celebration Stickers ($4.95): I got a few of these in samplers and I loved the way they make my spreads look. I got the full sheet so that I have them all year.

Mini Weekly Kit; Breakfast Club, April Colors, Watercolor Floral ($4.95): The mini weekly kits are my favorite. They give me enough sticker to make a cohesive theme, but there aren’t too many that I don’t know what to do with them. I can’t stand those $20 kits that come with 15 sheets and more stickers than any person needs for a week. While I understand those kits are meant for every type of planner, nobody needs that many stickers! These mini kits solve my problem and make it easer for me to make a cute spread. The Breakfast Club kit is my favorite of the three. It’s so cute! The smiling egg is my favorite.

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And that’s my Oh, Hello Stationery Co. haul! What stickers are your favorite?

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