Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017 Review


Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017

You thought I forgot about the Fortune Cookie Soap box, didn’t you? I totally didn’t. Unfortunately my box came in after the launch due to a shipping snafu, but since it’s cleared up, I thought I’d review the box anyway! Read my Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest review down below!

The Fortune Cookie Soap Box comes with eight products, some full-sized and some are miniature versions. The Soap Box comes out quarterly before each season and costs $19.95 USD, which includes shipping. Each box also includes a $10 store credit that can be used towards a full-sized product from the collection or at any other time. I love that they do that! Most of the products are around $10-$12, so the coupon is helpful.

What I like about the Fortune Cookie Soap Box is that it lets you test out all of the scents before the full collection comes out. It also allows you to try out products you normally wouldn’t think to buy.

I’ll put the name of the product in bold followed by the description FCS gives on the card that is included.

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017

Magic Mirror OCD Hand Sanitizer: Lock those bad smells away forever and leave them with only a magic mirror to reflect on the outside world that is full of succulent peach, fresh watermelon, and honeyed neroli.

I mostly smell the neroli and some watermelon, but not much peach. I love how fresh this smells without smelling like laundry or flowers!

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017

Bonjour Whipped Cream: Sparkling tea leaves, with a zest of fresh lemon will have your lips ready to greet each day with a BONJOUR!

I love this! This smells invigorating and fresh. The tea stands out! I love that this is two colored.

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017

Enchanted Rose Fortune Cookie Soap: Learn to love this Perfume and the Perfume will return the love to break the spell, with delicate rose petals, soft violets against a woody, vanilla backdrop.

This smells exactly like rose. The vanilla definitely comes out, but it doesn’t overpower the rose. I thought the rose decoration would make the soap hard to use, but it popped right off.

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017

Beauty Lip Tint: Now it’s no wonder that this lip tint is named ‘Beauty’ – it’s look (and flavor) has got no parallel! Sweet, tangerine and creamy vanilla with a very subtle berry tint, that makes it perfect for daily use!

First off, this smells delicious. Unfortunately it doesn’t taste as good. It tastes mostly of nothing. The tint is also very sheer, but it adds something!

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017

There’s Something Sweet Perfume Oil: Who’d have guessed these scents would come together on their own? Enchant your senses with the smell of delicate rice flower blossoms, dripping with spring rain.

Smelling this straight from the rollerball it smells like the rice flower blossoms, but rolling it onto the skin brings out the spring rain scent. To me it smells like fresh laundry, and that’s not my favorite scent. That’s probably why I use unscented detergent and dyer sheets! That and I’m allergic to the dyes and scent. The rice flower blossoms don’t come out on the skin at all once the oil has dried down.

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017

Lumiere Candle: Ma chère, Fortune Freak! Illuminate your life with scents of fresh blackberries, tart apples and magnolia petals, sprinkled with sugar crystals.

This has to be one of my favorite scents! The blackberries and apples smell amazing. Lumiere is really sweet and I love it! I want this as a shave oil or something for the body.

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017

Tame the Beast Detangler: This Perfume Oil will tame even the most untameable smells! The black cherries, rich patchouli and warm sandalwood scents in this Perfume, will leave your smelling amazing!

This mostly smells like patchouli, but the cherries give it a nice sweet twist. The warm sandalwood stands one this is sprayed. In fact, it takes over the scent! This doesn’t scream spring to me but rather summer. Super yummy, though!

Fortune Cookie Soap Box Be Our Guest Spring 2017

Happily Ever After Toner Tablet: Is your skin feeling happy? This toner tablet is gentle and kind to even the most troubled skin types. Bergamot essential oil, sweet mandarins, and tangy grapefruit will deliver a dose of the very best scents and skincare ingredients. Add this product to your daily skincare routine. To Use: Fill bowl or sink with very hot water. Drop in 1 toner tablet. Drape a towel over your head and bowl/silk. Allow the pore-opening steam to refresh and tone, with sea salt and calming lavender. Also works well for congestion!

Happily Ever After smells just like mandarin and grapefruit. It’s so fresh and tangy! This would be amazing to use in the morning. Happily Ever After would work well as a shower gel or something in the morning to wake you up.

The spring and summer boxes tend to my favorite. I love floral and sweet scents, and typically spring and summer boxes will give you that. However, this mostly has scents the remind me of summer or fall. Even the colors are dark. Many of the products are blue, purple or black. However, these smells are amazing. I’m not a fan of flowers but even the floral scents are great smelling! The only one I’m not a huge fan of is There’s Something Sweet. My favorites are Lumiere and Happily Ever After.

The collection went on sale Friday, February 17 at 6 p.m. CST. FCS usually hosts a Facebook live even where they give away full-sized products from the collection and share a 20% off coupon for those who are ordering a lot or don’t get the box. The code is only valid for a little while, so you don’t want to miss it! The collection already went on sale but is still available at the time of this post. They recently did a re-stock, too, so hopefully you should be able to get your hands on some of these products!

Get 10% off your first Fortune Cookie Soap order by using this link! (Does not apply towards Fortune Cookie Soap Box subscription.)

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