NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review


NYX Total Control Drop Foundation Review

For a while, it seemed like no one on YouTube could stop talking about the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation. Almost every channel I follow would post a first impressions using this drugstore foundation. I’ve passed on it multiple times at Ulta, but after the third time, it was time to buy a bottle for myself and try it out.

The NYX Total Control Drop Foundation comes in a dropper-style bottle with .43 fl. oz of product and retails for $14. There are 24 shades that range from the lightest of light pale to the darkest of deep ebony.

What I love most about this foundation is that it comes in so many colors. It’s rare found a drugstore foundation with such a range of colors. The shade that I got was even too light. Do you know how rare that is for me? Usually foundations run too dark.

The bad is that you get so little product for what you pay for. Most foundations come with 1 fl. oz of product for the same price. For that I’m pretty upset.

This foundation is meant to give you ultimate control over your coverage. Two drops should give light coverage, and the more you drops you use, the more coverage you’ll get. This foundation is very runny though, so it’s easy to apply too many drops. I like to apply this onto the back of my hand and then apply blobs to my face.

Yeah, I needed around 8 drops for medium coverage. And considering 1. The box says 3 drops is enough for medium coverage and 2. The bottle has so little product, I’m a little upset. I wish that we got more product.

If that didn’t seem bad, the look and feel of this foundation is worse. It clang onto every dry patch, pore and baby hair I have. The directions say to apply with a brush, but my coverage was so streaky and awful that I couldn’t take it. I then applied the product with the Real Techniques sponge and got a much better, albeit bad, application.

And worse: this product wore horribly throughout the day. This sunk deeper into my pores, creased into lines I didn’t even knew I had and became super oily. NYX claims this has a soft matte finish, but I don’t think that’s true at all. I had to blot away oil about 2-3 hours into wear, and I don’t have oily skin.

Do I think the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation is worth it? Not at all. The price, size, coverage and wear is all wrong. The only good part of this foundation is the shade range. I say skip this one and spend your money elsewhere.

You can purchase the NYX Total Control Drop Foundation on the NYX website.

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