Rainbow Aztec Feat. OPI Color Paints #NOTD


Rainbow Aztec #NOTD

After playing with the OPI Color Paints back in December, I haven’t really given them much thought. I see them at the front of my nail polish drawer taunting me to use them, yet I never pick them up. But after seeing all of the beautiful watercolor designs that magic.design makes on Instagram, I wanted to play with them a little more. While my nail art is not as beautiful as magic.polish makes, I am in love with the way this turned out. Want to know how I got this? Check out this Rainbow Aztec #NOTD down below!

Before I started painting, I cut up a triangle makeup sponge into small pieces. The reason I did this was so that I can dab on each color individually. Plus, doing it ahead of time will prevent my mani from smudging while I’m cutting the sponge. You want the sponge pieces to be pretty small, but still large enough that you can hold the piece with a pair of tweezers. I would say the size of your pinky is a good size.

First off I painted my nails two coats of white using OPI Alpine Snow. It doesn’t matter what white you use, but you want to make sure your polish isn’t streaky. Next I applied my top coat. I love the Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. It dries the fastest and is super shiny! The reason you want to put down some top coat before you sponge any colors on is that the sponge might pick up your base color. Even if you think that base color is completely dry, the sponge might pick up the color. The top coat ensures you have a dry base layer. I applied a layer of Glisten & Glow CTRL + ALT + Del Liquid Latex to my nails.

For this look I used the OPI Color Paints because they give a cool watercolor effect. I’ve never used them for sponging, so I was interested to see how they work! The color I used were: Magenta Muse, Chromatic Orange, Primarily Yellow, Landscape Artist, Turquoise Aesthetic and Purple Perspective.

Working one color at a time, I started to drop some of the colors onto my MoYou London Your Magic Workshop matt. Starting with Magenta Muse, I dipped my sponge lightly into the color and dabbed a small spot onto the nail. I switched this up on every nail to make them look different. Next I took Chromatic Orange, dripped my sponge lightly into the color and dabbed a smaller or slightly larger dot directly next to Magenta Muse. I wanted to create a circle with the colors. However, I changed up the placement and size of the dot to make the nails look different.

I continued this until the circle is complete. I probably could have used a second coat, but I think one coat is bright enough! Before moving on to stamping, make sure your base layer is completely dry. Usually I’ll clean up at this point, but because the liquid latex is there and we’ll be stamping next, there’s no need to.

For my stamping I used the Bundle Monster x Chitchatnails plate and Bundle Monster Straight-Up Black for my stamping polish. White would have also looked really cool over this mani. I used the MoYou London Crystal Clear Stamper to stamp on the pattern.

After removing the liquid latex and cleaning up, I applied a generous amount of top coat to seal in the design.

And that’s how you get this rainbow aztec look using the OPI Color Paints! Have you ever used the OPI Color Paints? Let me know down below!

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