Patriots Super Bowl Makeup #FOTD


Super Bowl Makeup #FOTD

I’m not going to sugar coat it: I hate football. It’s fun to watch the Super Bowl, but I don’t care for it at all the rest of the year. Up until a few weeks ago I thought Gronk was a hockey player and never saw a photo of Tom Brady. But when the Super Bowl comes around, I get excited. I love the excitement and pressure of the game, the delicious food and of course, the funny commercials. Now that I live in New England I have to root for the Patriots, so I created this Pats-inspired Super Bowl makeup. Find out how I got it down below!

I only used one eyeshadow for this look. I told you it was simple! The silver I used is from the Urban Decay Electric palette. It’s not my favorite silver of all time, but it worked. I applied that on top of a eyeshadow base. Because the silver is very flakey I did a few coats to build up the opacity.

I was running short on time, so I skipped blue eyeshadow and instead did blue eyeliner. Normally I like to do a more intense makeup with colored eyeliner or make the colored eyeliner the show, so this was out of my comfort zone. The eyeliner I used is Fast Lane from ColourPop. The brand’s gel liner formula isn’t my favorite, but it worked out. From far away Fast Lane almost looks black, like it shows up in the picture. But up close and in-person you could tell I was rockng a teal liner. I used an angled brush to apply the liner.

Since my last makeup look involved glitter, I wanted to add glitter to this, too. I applied a thin coat of Urban Decay Heavy Metal Glitter Liner in Glam Rock to my lower lid. To make the look a little more cohesive, I blended some left over Fast Line into the lower lash line.

Because I wanted to look a little more lively, I applied Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface to my cheeks. I kept my lips simple because I was going to be eating all day!

To finish off this Super Bowl makeup, I applied two coats of mascara and a ton of setting spray since I was going to out late!

And that’s my easy Patriots Super Bowl makeup! What do you think? Did the game surprise you? I certainly was. Towards the end I fell asleep thinking the Falcons won, but I woke up and the Pats won! I was rooting for the Falcons, too. Anyone but the Pats (even though my makeup says otherwise!)

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