Urban Decay Full Spectrum Unicorn #FOTD


Urban Decay Full Spectrum Unicorn #FOTD | The Rebel Planner

I miss colorful makeup. I’ve said it: I hate being an adult that can’t wear rainbow eyeshadow to work. I think I took college for granted. Why didn’t I see that it was the only time I could get away with wearing colorful, vibrant eyeshadow everyday? Two weeks ago I reviewed the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette, and after that, I got some serious craving for color. I prefer cooler colors like green, blue and purple on my eyes, so I went to my comfort colors. Find out how I got this look down below!

To start out the look I applied NYX HD Eye Primer to my lids. Usually I use a white base underneath colors, but I wanted to see how these colors performed on their own.

For this look I used the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette. I received this palette for Christmas and fell in love (but yet hadn’t used it up to this point.) I applied Calavara to the inner third of my lid, even going to my tear duct area. This color applied so well! It swatched amazing, but sometimes things swatch different than how they apply to the lid, so I was happy to see it was pigmented. It didn’t blend very well, though.

I then applied Blindsided to the outer third of my lid. The reason I didn’t work in color order is because I never leave enough room for a third color on the outer corner. To cover my bases, I applied Hatter last to blend Calavara and Blindsided better. It took a while because Calavara was hard to blend, but I think it ended up well.

I applied Blindsided because I wanted a blue crease. It turned out great, but the look needed something. I decided I needed purple! To bring in some color, I blended Sketch lightly to add a haze around the blue. Even though Sketch swatched awful, it applied and blended easy. However, my blue crease turned purple. That’s ok, though. Where the blue and purple meet turned deeper and gave the look a little more dimension.

For the bottom lash line I blended Blindsided and Hatter and used Sketch to blend those downwards. I also applied a purple liner in my waterline. I normally don’t like to wear eyeliner in my waterline, but lately I’ve been digging it. Maybe it’s time to finally find that ultimate waterline eyeliner…

But here is where the unicorn part comes in: I used Urban Decay Distortion Heavy Metal Glitter Liner all along the lower lash line on top of the eyeshadow. This look needed something other than purple, and glitter made this look spark. I made sure to really load up on the glitter. I applied close to four layers. To blend the glitter out better, I dragged the glitter down and outwards.

I completed the look with a wing using the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner and applying two coats of the awful Maybelline the Colossal Big Shot mascara. Don’t buy it, please. It flake like crazy, doesn’t hold a curl and looks all around awful.

And that’s my look using the Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette! What do you think? Let me know down below!

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