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Foreo Luna Play Review | The Rebel Planner

I’ve always wanted to try a cleansing tool, but the Clarisonic was too much money and I’ve heard way too many horror stories to be comfortable investing in one. I saw the Foreo Luna Play at the checkout lines in Sephora and Ulta, and after pointing it out to my mom, I received one for Christmas. I wasn’t sure if I would like it at first or if it would ruin my skin on the first try. It turns out I feel the complete opposite. The Foreo Luna has worked wonder on my skin! Read my Foreo Luna Play review down below!

The Foreo Luna Play ($39) is a small face cleansing device that uses sonic cleansing to clean the face of dirt, debris, oil and makeup. What’s special about the Play is that it only has 100 full cleansing routines fit into the battery. That means the battery cannot be recharged. The Play is meant to be a way to ease into sonic cleansing and determine whether or not the Foreo Luna family is right for you. To use it, just wet your face, apply your favorite cleanser, wet and turn on the Play, then use it on your face.

At first I was upset at this price because $39 for something I can only use 100 times seemed like a rip-off. But then I realized that this is genius. Instead of spending $199 on the full-sized Foreo Luna 2, using it for months, hating it and failing to return it because the return period is up, you can use the Play and try it out at little cost. Plus, 100 cleansing routines means a little more than 3 months of a trial period! That’s just enough time to see if the Foreo works with your skin or not.

Foreo Luna Play Review | The Rebel Planner

The Play is incredibly small. Above is the Play in my palm. It’s so small that I was worried it wouldn’t work well on my face. However, it’s the perfect size for my face! It fits perfectly in my hands and is easy to maneuver.

I’m not going to lie: I was nervous to try this. I’ve read so many horror stories about sonic cleansing devices that it made me want to never try one. But I’m glad I received this one. When I used it for the first time it felt strange on my skin. Honestly, it felt like I was taking an electronic toothbrush to my face.

The instructions say to use the Play for one minute in four different sections: right cheek, chin and nose, left cheek and forehead. I didn’t follow the instructions on the first few times and definitely noticed a difference when I followed the one minute routine. My face felt so smooth afterwards! Plus, it took off all my makeup.

One of the best things about the Foreo Luna Play is that it helped reduce the redness and bumps around my nose and on my chin. I’ve tried so many products to reduce it, but the Play worked way better than any other product has!

The Play comes in 7 different colors. I got the purple shade because it’s my favorite color. What makes me a little upset is that some of the colors available in the Play aren’t available in the full-sized models. Please make a dark purple Luna 2 or Luna Mini 2!

One of the things I am disappointed about is that there is no pulse to signify when to move onto another area. The Clarisonic has that and it’s seems helpful to ensure you never over use the Play in one area. And the Luna 2 and Luna Mini 2 don’t have that feature either. Also, it doesn’t have auto-shutoff after one minute. That would also be helpful so that I don’t use up the battery. Those would be helpful features.

Other than those two gripes, the Foreo Luna Play is an amazing tool that completely changed my skincare routine. I cannot recommend this tool enough to anyone who has been too scared to try a cleansing tool.

What do you think of my Foreo Luna Play review? Did I write everything you wanted to know? Leave me any questions down below.

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