Holly Berry OPI Color Paints Nail Art Tutorial


Holly Berry Nails Using OPI Color Paints Nail Art | The Rebel Planner

Christmas nail art is one of my favorites to create, so after using the MoYou London Festive 06 plate in my last nail art and purchasing the OPI Color Paints, creating a fun Christmas nail art using the two was a no brainer. Check out this easy-to-create OPI Color Paints nail art!

The OPI Color Paints are like sheer watercolor paints for the nails. They come in eight different colors. They are sheer washes of color that are perfect for gradients, layering and like I did in this nail art, coloring.

To create these nails I painted on two coats of OPI Alpine Snow. The white provides a blank and crisp background for the Color Paints to show up. Next I stamped on the holly berries and Christmas lights onto my nails using Bundle Monster Straight Up Black stamping polish and the MoYou London Crystal Clear stamper. As I mentioned earlier, I used the MoYou London Festive 06 plate for the designs. That plate has a lot of different and versatile Christmas designs on it! That one plate will give me plenty of holiday nail art designs.

Next was my favorite part: coloring in the designs. I used a dotting tool to color in all of the designs. For the holly berry designs I used OPI Landscape Artist and Magenta Muse. I noticed that these colors get thicker faster than typical nail polish, so I had to make sure I wasn’t applying too much to my dotting tool and that I was cleaning it off after each nail. The OPI Color Paints were easy to manipulate, though. They went on the nail where I placed them and didn’t move around on the nail.

For the Christmas lights, I used OPI Landscape Artist, Magenta Muse, Primarily Yellow and Turquoise Aesthetic. Again, I used the dotting tool to create the dots.

I sealed off the whole design with a thick coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. I think my bottle is on its way out, though. My stamping has been streaking more the usual. A part of that is probably because I’m too impatient to wait for it to dry properly. But the other part is that the bottle is getting old and I’ve thinned it a few times.

And that’s the entire OPI Color Paints nail art! What do you think of it? Would you like to see other ways to use the OPI Color Paints? Let me know down below!

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