Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Art #NOTD


Ugly Christmas Sweater Nail Art #NOTD | The Rebel Planner

I’m thrilled to be posting nail art again. My nails have been nubs for the past month. They’re at a decent length again and I was able to do some nail art to start off the holiday season. I settled on some ugly christmas sweater nail art, although it isn’t really that ugly. Red and white was a no brainer and I think it looks so cool. Find out how I got this down below!

While I was still working with MoYou London I thought ahead and got a holiday plate. I wanted one that had the ugly christmas sweater pattern while still being versatile. I got Festive 06 and it’s perfect. The designs are small, there is variety and there are a ton of ugly christmas sweater patterns.

For my polish I used Bundle Monster Red Hot and BAM! White stamping polishes and OPI Alpine Snow. I used Red Hot for both stamping and as a base because I didn’t have a regular polish that matched the stamping polish. It worked pretty well as a base! It was opaque in one coat but I decided to do two just so that the layers on all of my nails were even. Red Hot was easy to work with even though it’s a stamping polish. Stamping polishes are thicker than regular polish, but fortunately it applied to my nail evenly.

I used the MoYou London Crystal Clear stamper (you can read my review here,) and a Bundle Monster scraper. Whenever I do nail art I make sure to work on my MoYou London Your Magic Workshop. That matt makes it so easy to clean up after stamping. And I feel less wasteful with it since I’m not using paper towels. Plus, it doesn’t stain! I thought maybe the red polish would stain the matt, but nope! No staining.

To top it all off I applied a coat of Glisten & Glow HK Girl top coat. The stamping smudged a little and I think that’s because my top coat is on its way out. I have very little in the bottle, I’ve thinned it a few times and it’s getting old. I have another bottle but I’m too cheap to open the other bottle when the other still works!

So that’s my first ugly christmas sweater nail art for the season. You can bet that there’s going to be more in the future! I want to do a green version and maybe a multi-colored version using the reverse stamping method. What do you think of these nails? Do they get you in a festive mood? Let me know down below!

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