A Week in My Erin Condren: Nov. 28 – Dec. 4


A Week in My Erin Condren | The Rebel Planner

It’s been a while since I’ve done a Erin Condren planner spread! There’s a few reasons for that. One: my planner and stickers were packed away and I didn’t get to plan fully for a week or so. Two: Nothing was really happening! I was unpacking, and three: My lights were packed away and it was only until recently that I found them. So, for the first time in a while, here’s a week in my Erin Condren.

Because it’s been a few weeks since I’ve properly sat down and planned my week, it was strange to get back into it. I forgot to mark some TV shows, forgot to add a little motivational quote in the notes section and totally messed up my washi. I even used some December stickers in November and vice-versa!

This also marks the first week I feel settled into my home. My room is fully unpacked and feels lived in, the kitchen has been re-organized multiple times, the living room feels like home and my dad’s office is on it’s way to getting set up. I didn’t spend the whole week unpacking and that feels amazing.

It’s been strange trying to get used to a new neighborhood. It’s not home yet, but it will feel like it soon. I’m mostly just grateful that I’m together with my mom and brother again. I love spending weekend running errands with my mom and I missed it. I’m so thankful we’re all together again.

A Week in My Erin Condren | The Rebel Planner

A Week in My Erin Condren | The Rebel Planner

The mini square dots, double dots, half box, laptops and TV stickers are from Planner Kate.  The coffee cups, nail polish bottle, letters and TV show stickers are from Abundance of Erica. The balloons, pie and spray bottle stickers are from Happy Cutie Studio. The “no” girl, “blogging time” girl, “shopping day” girl and scale are from Keena Prints. The half box and stitched labels are from Oh, Hello Stationery Co. The planner and camera stickers are from Sweet Kawaii Design. The weekend banner is from KPL Plans. The FitBit is from The Planner Junkie. The shape icons are from a Mambi Happy Planner sticker book. The washi tape is from Michaels.

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