ColourPop Can You Knot Lip Bundle Trio Review


ColourPop Can You Knot Lip Bundle Review | The Rebel Planner

Almost a month ago at this point I placed a order with ColourPop specifically for the Can You Knot trio. This trio contains my favorite color for fall and winter: deep blood red. I wanted Notion so for a few more dollars I got two more colors. Plus I got to try two new formulas I’ve never tried before. Read my review and view my swatches down below!

The ColourPop Can You Knot Lip Bundle retails for $15 and includes Hutch Ultra Satin Lip, Notion Ultra Matte Lip and Sookie Ultra Glossy Lip. I’ve never tried the Ultra Satin or Ultra Glossy formulas so to have these in the same lip bundle was a perfect way to try them.

ColourPop Can You Knot Lip Bundle Review | The Rebel Planner

Left to right: Notion Ultra Matte Lip, Hutch Ultra Satin Lip, Sookie Ultra Glossy Lip

Notion Ultra Matte Lip: ColourPop describes this as a rich red violet. I sort of agree with that? While I see the violet undertones, I mostly see a rich, deepened red. The Ultra Matte Lips are notorious for having an incredibly drying formula. I don’t think these are the most drying liquid lipsticks I’ve ever tried, but they are definitely up there. To apply this product I used the ColourPop Primer Lippie Stix and then applied Notion with a brush. Even though I applied this with a brush I was surprised to see how patchy it went on! Liquid lipsticks can usually be patchy, but usually if I apply with a brush that goes away. Not with Notion!

I wore this to Starbucks one day and found that most of the product rubbed off onto the cup. Keep in mind I had nothing to eat, I only drank from a cup. When I got to my car I noticed the lipstick was all over my chin, had feathered outside my lip line and cracked badly. My lips looked so old! While the color is gorgeous, I don’t think I’ll be reaching for this unless I know I won’t be eating or drinking (or moving, really.)

Hutch Ultra Satin Lip: This is described as a deep blackened violet. On the website? Totally accurate. In person? No. This looks like a more violet version of Hutch. But the difference is so small you would never tell. The formula goes on smooth and feels a lot like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams. It did go on a little patchy though, even with a brush. The wear was ok, but ColourPop says this formula isn’t meant to be as long wearing at the Ultra Matte Lips. This formula is great for people who like to reapply their liquid lipstick throughout the day because it doesn’t get as chunky, streaky or drying as traditional liquid lipsticks do.

Sookie Ultra Glossy Lip: ColourPop described this as a rich plum. That’s pretty accurate. Again, it’s more plum than Hutch and Notion, but the difference is so minute that it makes no difference. On the lips it looks more berry, but on top of Notion or Hutch it would look red. This is a super pigmented gloss! It looks sheer on the website but don’t get it twisted: you need to apply this in front of a mirror. Not only is this color dark, the formula is a little unforgiving if you apply outside the lines. This does feather easily and is a little sticky. However, once applied, this gloss stick around!

I drank from a closed coffee cup and ate some ice cream and this did not budge. The glossiness did wear down, but the color stuck around. It didn’t go patchy or disappear from the center or corners of the lips. I loved wearing this. It wasn’t too uncomfortable and added a bit of moisture to lips. Although it is a bit sticky, it’s a thin gloss that feels like nothing on the lips. I love thin glosses!

My biggest gripe about ColourPop is the color accuracy on the website. Hutch looks nothing like it does on the website and Sookie looks way more sheer and berry. I’ve had this problem in the past. I know that computer monitors can alter colors, but I feel like the color I see in person and on other websites looks totally difference than what the colors look like on the ColourPop website. That’s something I think that they should work on.

Overall I think the Can You Knot Lip Bundle isn’t worth it. If you like these colors and have no problem with the formulas then go for it. But Notion just isn’t worth the hassle of the formula. Plus all of these colors are the same. If you like this color and want multiple options, then maybe this is for you. But if you only wear red every once in a while, then buy them separate.

My top pick is Sookie. The Ultra Glossy Lip formula surprised me in its wear. The color is gorgeous too! Hutch is my second pick. I like the formula a lot better than the Ultra Matte Lip and the color isn’t as patchy as Notion. I say skip Notion. The color is drop-dead gorgeous and I got a ton of compliments when I wore it, but the formula, wear time and dryness isn’t worth it.

The ColourPop Can You Knot Lip Bundle is available on the ColourPop website for $15. The colors can be bought individually for $6.

Are you going to buy the ColourPop Can You Knot Lip Bundle or are you going to get them separately? What are your favorite ColourPop colors? Let me know down below!


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