Peachy Green #FOTD Feat. ColourPop Bunny


Peachy Green #FOTD Feat. ColourPop Bunny | The Rebel Planner

After playing around with makeup the other day and came up with this peach and green #FOTD using ColourPop Bunny. I bought this lipstick long ago and have never actually used it. I finally came up with a look that make it really pop.

This look features a palette this is no longer available, but these eyeshadows are easily obtainable from other brands. I love the Urban Decay Vice palette and there is no way that I’m going to stop using it because it’s no longer available. Try and stop me. I also used some Makeup Geek eyeshadows to make the crease warmer since the Vice palette doesn’t have any warm matte crease shades.

Peachy Green #FOTD Feat. ColourPop Bunny | The Rebel PlannerTo start off the look I applied Laced in the crease, but your favorite transitional shade will work just the same. Next I applied Makeup Geek Creme Brulee into the crease using a MAC 217. I made sure that it didn’t get too blown out or overly blended. The line should be crisp. After that I applied the lid color which is Penny Lane. Penny Lane is such a gorgeous peachy color that has a beautiful amber sparkle. I also applied some of the color wet onto the middle of my lid to amp up the sparkle and metallic.

What I wanted most from this look was an incredibly defined crease Using Makeup Geek Frappe and then Cocoa Bear I defined the crease using a pencil brush. First I used Frappe and created a more blended line. Then using Cocoa Bear I made sure to shade the line between the lid and crease. I never really create cut crease looks and this is the closest I’ve gotten to one. Cut creases kind of freak me out. They are so intricate and take a lot of patience, time and a steady hand –  three things I don’t have when it comes to makeup.

After cleaning up under my eyes with concealer I applied Laced on the lower lash line. Then I applied Frappe. To make my winged liner connect with my lower lash line I applied Black Market from the Vice palette. For my inner corner I used the gold from the Naked Cosmetics Ivory Stack.

For my face I used Wet n Wild Color Ombre blush in Mai Thai Buy You a Drink. My highlight is ColourPop Stole the Show.

And now for the main part of this look: ColourPop Bunny. Unfortunately this color isn’t available anymore (what is it with this look and using things you can’t buy anymore?) but ColourPop Dr. M is similar and Urban Decay Junkie is another choice. I applied Bunny using a lip brush and then applied it straight from the tube.

That’s the whole look! I wish I had worn this in public because this look was amazing. Would you wear something like this out in public? Let me know!

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