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October Empties | The Rebel Planner

I’m kind of upset that I don’t have more October Empties. I was trying really hard to use up a lot of products this month, but unfortunately I didn’t get through a ton. But what I did use up was good. Read about my October Empties down below and how I feel about these products after I used them all up!

  1. LUSH Autumn Leaf Bath Bomb
    My friend Kiku works at LUSH and after seeing her SnapChats of her baths, I knew it was time to treat myself to some bath goodies for fall. The one bath bomb I bought was Autumn Leaf and I’m glad I did. It turned my bath water a beautiful orange and smelled delicious. Unfortunately it didn’t leave my skin smelling amazing afterwards. That’s what I like most from my bath products: I want the smell to linger on my skin. I do hope they bring this back for next year, though.
  2. LUSH Boo Luxury Bath Melt
    I wasn’t expecting to like this one, but this smelt exactly like fall. It turned my water a milky white and incredibly moisturizing. The smell lingered on my skin after the bath and helped me fall asleep. The only problem I had with this was the black eyes stained my tub a bit. Cleaning it with heavy-duty bath cleaner helped, but I dislike when bath products stain my tub. However, even with that problem, I would love to buy this again next year!
  3. Fortune Cookie Soap Drop. Your. Sword. Fortune Cookie Soap
    This came in the fall subscription box and I used it up this month. It fell apart easily, but I forgive it because it smelt delicious.
  4. Fortune Cookie Soap Pit of Despair Steam Me Up Scotty!
    Again, this came in the fall subscription box and I loved how this smelt! You put these in the bottom of your shower and the smell with rise with the steam. These are the shower equivalent to bath bombs, so if you don’t have access to a tub, I suggest picking up some Steam Me Up Scotty tabs!
  5. Neutrogena Deep Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Night
    I’ve used up many of these in the past and I’m almost done with them! These help with skin cell turnover rate and help fade my acne scars.
  6. Fortune Cookie Soap Hair Flip Hair Oil
    I’m currently using this hair oil in the Polyjuice Potion scent but this Hair Flip oil smelt amazing. This helps make my hair look super shiny, helps with flyaways and helps tame the frizz. I’m interested to see how long the full-sized bottle will last me since the small one lasted me a year.
  7. Keena Prints Keenami Sampler
    I’ve never included a sticker empty in my empties. I decided to include them because it’s something I’ve used up! This sampler had a nice arrange of stickers. I used up almost all of them in my last Erin Condren spread! Keena Prints stickers are my favorite and I want to order some more soon!

And those are my October Empties. What were yours this month? Let me know down below in the comments!

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