A Week in My Erin Condren: Oct. 24 – Oct. 30


A Week in My Erin Condren | The Rebel Planner

I haven’t done a Erin Condren spread in a few weeks and I think that’s how I’m going to keep it. I think doing one or two spreads a month is a good balance and allows me to post content that might get pushed back. Do you guys like that idea? Anyway, I really loved my spread last week and wanted to share it with you guys.

This week was spent doing a ton of running around and errands. On Monday I finally got my flu shot for the first time in years because my dad got the flu from a friend. Also: please get your flu shot. My insurance fully covered mine and I got it in less than 10 minutes at CVS. After seeing my dad suffer for a week I don’t really want to see anyone else go through the same thing.

On Tuesday I went to the doctor to figure out my stomach problems and while I don’t have anything awful, I do have bad heartburn. Thankfully my test came back negative for anything bad.

What I did most this week was read. I started reading “Buffering” by Hannah Hart and I absolutely love it. I didn’t think I would love a book by a YouTuber this much. Most books by YouTubers are either joke books or about subjects that I truly don’t care about. And to be honest, that’s how I felt about Hannah’s at first. But then I started reading reviews and saw a few sentences from the book and realized that Hannah’s book wasn’t going to be like the others. I’m glad I looked pat my prejudices and bought the book. I’m almost done and I highly suggest it. (Also, if you aren’t following me on Goodreads, you should! I write book reviews and love to discuss characters and plots.)

Then on Saturday my friend had a Halloween party and I went as a flapper. You would think that Halloween would be my favorite holiday since I can do cool makeup designs, but it’s actually one of my least favorite holidays. Christmas is my favorite! I cannot wait until after Thanksgiving.

A Week in My Erin Condren | The Rebel Planner A Week in My Erin Condren | The Rebel Planner

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How did you guys plan your week? Let me know down below!

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