Mummy Halloween Nail Art #NOTD


Mummy Halloween Nail Art #NOTD | The Rebel Planner

So remember when I said I was going to create a full week of Halloween nail art? Well, I gave up on that one pretty quick, but I did manage to create a look for you guys! Last year I did a simple look of small ghosts and this year I made an even easier design of a mummy! The little eyes were so cute to wear and made me happy to look down on.

To start off I painted my nails MoYou London Silver Fox. I did one coat but probably should have done two to help the opacity. Plus, I just like the thickness two coats adds to my nails. I then painted a thick stripe of black across the middle of the nail for the eyes. I then painted three thin lines across the nail to look like bandages. Try to make these as random as possible. That makes the look a but more realistic! After the line for the eyes dried I dotted two white dots in the middle. I then dotted two black dots for pupils. If you want the mummy to look mean, use the thin brush to create an angle at the top of the eye.

I cleaned up any too thick or crooked lines using the gray I used for the base. I let it dry completely and sealed it all in with top coat.

This nail art was super easy and took me about 20 minutes. It uses colors you probably already own and the tools are ones that can easily be McGyvered to work (bobby pins work great for a dotting tool!)

Are you going try this super easy Halloween nail art? Let me know down below!

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