ColourPop Notion #FOTD


ColourPop Notion #FOTD | The Rebel Planner

I recently got a ColourPop order in and decided to test out one of lippies I got before heading off to Starbucks to work on the blog. ColourPop Notion Ultra Matte Lip was the reason I bought the Can You Knot bundle so I casually wore it on a Sunday afternoon.

Usually when I wear red lips I like to wear a more neutral eye. I used the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette to create a subtle daytime appropriate smokey eye. I like to line my lower lash line with brown shadow to give my eyes more definition. Bold lips demand a defined eye, not necessarily dark or complicated. Of course I had to do a winged liner. I love how wings look with red lips! Even if you don’t wear winged liquid eyeliner, give it a go with red lipstick.

To apply ColourPop Notion I used the ColourPop primer and then applied Notion with a lip brush. I prefer to apply liquid lipsticks with a brush. This allows to me to get a crisper line than what I get from the wand and I get less product on my lips which causes less cracking and cakeing. Notion was patchy even with a brush, but more on that in my upcoming review.

ColourPop Notion #FOTD | The Rebel Planner

I felt so elegant wearing this makeup look with my shirt and my curly hair. I was definitely overdressed for Starbucks but I don’t care.

What’s your favorite ColourPop product? Share it down below!

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