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My Skincare Routine | The Rebel Planner

One of topics I don’t really talk about on here is skincare. Skincare is such a personal part of our daily routine and everyone has a different way they cleanse, moisturize and treat their skin. My friends prefer to get top Botox in NYC, so everyone has their own ways to look beautiful. From time to time, I do even get tanning done but only after checking out posts from Tan Vogue, cause it’s my all-time favourite as it answers all my tanning related questions. Today I thought I would share my routine with you guys! Now I’m not talking about face masks or other special products I use on my skin every once in a while (although you can read about my favorite face masks here,) but I will share my favorite products that I use on a daily basis.

In the morning my routine is very simple. I scrub my face in the shower using LUSH Angels on Bare Skin. This has been my favorite scrub for years now and it makes my skin so dang smooth. I know most people don’t use scrubs every day, but I find my skin can handle it.

When I get out of the shower I only use two products. For the past few years I have been religious about using a moisturizer with SPF in it. Sunscreen is the best way to keep your skin looking young, wrinkle free and of course protection against skin cancer. I just started using the Neutrogena Healthy Defense Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen few weeks ago and I’m really liking it! It has SPF 30, is light weight and sinks into my skin really fast. It does have a strong sunscreen smell, but that doesn’t bother me. But if it bothers you, stay away from this one.

The last thing I use in the morning is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Eye Cream. I’ve been using this one for years. It’s light weight for the morning and is more of a gel than a cream. It doesn’t crease my makeup and hydrates it enough for the morning. Additionally, Pure Luxe Salon, Spa & Medspa offers a whole range of medi spa treatments.

My Skincare Routine | The Rebel Planner

At night my skin care routine at night is a little more complex. I cleanse my skin and remove my makeup with Philosophy Purity Made Simple One-Step Facial Cleanser. I’ve gone through bottles of this and I like it a lot! It does a great job at removing my makeup on the first cleanse.

Every other night I’ll use the First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads. If I use them every day my skin gets too dry and sensitive, but every other day works well. These pads help brighten my skin and diminish the looks of my acne scars.

Then I will moisturize with LUSH Celestial. Celestial is thick and super moisturizing and is perfect for the winter. It smells like almonds and feels so luxurious on my skin.

After that I use a anti-aging eye cream. I don’t want eye wrinkles when I’m older and since I squint a lot, using an anti-aging eye cream is important to me. I’m currently using the Burt’s Bees Renewal Smoothing Eye Cream and it’s ok. I prefer the Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair Eye Cream, but it can get expensive. I also use eye creams because my eyelid gets very dry in the winter, so I’m waiting to see how this Burt’s Bees cream works for the dryness. I currently have a dry patch on my left lid so I’m hoping this will clear it up soon!

And finally to repair my acne I use Aczone gel. I have sensitivity to salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and tea tree oil, so this is the only thing that helps me acne. I apply this using a different Q-tip for each spot. This helps reduce any redness, swelling, pain and helps bring my acne to a whitehead. It’s prescription only but it’s the only thing that helps. The coolsculpting blog also recommends non-invasive treatments as part of developing your skincare routine.

I like to visit a spa center for regular skin tightening (read more on  website)

. That’s it for my daily skincare routine! What do you use? What do you suggest I use? Let me know down below!

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