September Sweet Kawaii Design Haul


August Sweet Kawaii Design Haul | The Rebel Planner

It’s been a while since I’ve hauled anything from Sweet Kawaii Design and a lot has changed with the shop since I last purchased from them in December. Shop owner Tesia has changed the paper from a permanent matte to a repositionable vinyl paper. I liked the old paper so I was a little upset at the change, but I wanted to try out the new paper anyway. How can I knock something I haven’t even tried?

Sweet Kawaii Design is a sticker shop that specializes in kawaii stickers for the Erin Condren Life Planner and personal sized planners. The stickers are printed on repositionable vinyl paper. The old paper was hard to peel up but this new paper is so incredibly easy to peel up off of the sheet and off of paper. The new paper does have some restrictions though. Not every pen will work on the paper and ballpoint or permanent ink pens are recommended. I wanted to get some of her monthly kits but unfortunately I use a gel pen in my planner. Even though switching pens isn’t a huge deal, it’s more work than necessary.

My package came wrapped really well. It was raining out and I was nervous that my stickers may had gotten ruined, but fortunately the stickers were kept safe.

August Sweet Kawaii Design Haul | The Rebel Planner

These Piggy Bank stickers ($3.95) are super cute and are great for marking paydays or when I want to make a deposit. There are so many on this sheet, too!

August Sweet Kawaii Design Haul | The Rebel Planner

What I like about these Itty Blank Flag Pastel stickers ($3.95) is that I can layer them with other stickers to create a more interesting look. I also love the variety of colors! I place an order after this one and got them in the Spring Delight color way.

August Sweet Kawaii Design Haul | The Rebel Planner

I got these Itty Bitty Laptops ($3.95) to replace the blog stickers I had previously bought. I’m almost out of them! I was hoping that the laptops would be as small as the laptops on that sheet, but they are a bit bigger (the sticker is the same size though.)

August Sweet Kawaii Design Haul | The Rebel Planner

The last sheet I got in this haul were these Itty Bitty Clean Supplies stickers ($3.95.) I love the variety of stickers on this sheet and all of the different colors. I might buy a sheet of just the “clean bathroom” and dusters! They’re all too cute.

August Sweet Kawaii Design Haul | The Rebel Planner

I love the sampler that was sent out with my order. This is such a generous sampler! I love that the planner girl in the corner is a sticker too.

Overall I’m much more impressed with this haul than I was with my previous haul. Some of the stickers on the old paper weren’t cut all the way and would rip or the sticky backing would separate from the paper. With this new paper that never happens. Although I can’t write on them easily I’ll take the new paper over the old. The colors are so much brighter too!

Have you purchased anything from Sweet Kawaii Design? What did you get? Let me know down below!

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