Twinkled T Nail Vinyl and Clean Up Brush Review


Twinkled T Review | The Rebel Planner

So after watching Simplynailogical for almost two years now, I am very familiar with Twinkled T nail vinyls. These nail vinyls are the only ones that she uses, and for a long time they were kind of expensive at $5 a sheet. Since then Twinkled T has reduced their prices to $3.99-$4.99 a sheet. I finally took the plunge and bought some sheets after they had a 20% off sale. Check out my review on the Twinkled T nail vinyls and Twinkled T clean up brush down below!

Twinkled T is an online retailer that boasts having the largest nail stencil selection in the world. And it’s true, they have a lot! Any shape that you could possibly want, they have. Want cats on your nails? They have like, 5 designs. An astronaut? They got it! Heart swirls? Those are its signature shape! These vinyls are thin enough to get a clean line but aren’t so thin that they are flimsy. They don’t easily break and hold their shape really well. They peel off incredibly easy off the sheet. I love how sticky these are too. You can always take off some of the tack on the back of your hand if you’re nervous that the stickiness will peel up your nail polish. I always do anyway.

I have bought nail vinyls from Nail Vinyls in the past, but Twinkled T has so many more shapes. I purchased three shapes to try them out.

Twinkled T Review | The Rebel Planner

The first ones I bought aren’t anything special: it’s just some half moon vinyls ($3.99.) These are very basic, but I love doing half moon manis in the fall. There are so many on this sheet!

Twinkled T Review | The Rebel Planner

These ones are actually fun. These paint drips ($3.99) are so cool. I know that you can free paint your own drips, but sometimes having vinyls is really nice, especially when doing something complicated like glitter or an ombre/gradient.

Twinkled T Review | The Rebel Planner

Simplynailogical created nail vinyls with Twinkled T and one of them were these Menchie Vinyls ($3.99) inspired by her cat of the same name. These could be used as French manicure vinyls or as half moons. I can’t wait to use these!

Twinkled T Review | The Rebel Planner

The thing I was looking forward to the most about this haul was the Twinkled T Kolinsky Professional Nail Cleaning Brush Size #2 ($11.99.) A lot of nail artists on Instagram and YouTube use these clean up brushes and get the nicest, cleanest lines. Before I used the ELF concealer brush to clean up and I got nice lines, but I was tired of replacing them every month. The nice thing about the Twinkled T brush is that the hairs don’t get frayed from acetone and hold their shape over time. The brush is easier to hold than the ELF one and has a cap to keep the brush protected.

As you can see the brush head is much smaller and compact than the ELF brush. I find that I get like, a huge gap between my cuticle and my polish with the ELF brush but with the Twinkled T brush I get the cleanest, smallest clean up line. That being said, it takes longer to clean up with the Twinkled T brush because the brush is smaller.

I had high expectations going into this haul and I have to say they have been met. These vinyls aren’t thin and flimsy and hold their shape and the brush is nice quality. If you’ve been on the fence about Twinkled T, I say go and make your purchase. These vinyls are worth it! I hope to try the full-nail vinyls in the future and maybe pick up the #6 size clean up brush too.

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