Nine Zero Lacquer Review


Nine Zero Lacquer Review | The Rebel Planner

I haven’t done a swatch and review of any polishes since the Sinful Colors Kylie Jenner polishes, so let’s bring back the swatch with a review of Nine Zero Lacquer polishes.

Nine Zero Lacquer is a independent nail polish company created by YouTuber Jessface90. Jess does live swatches and reviews on new nail polish collection from both mainstream and indie brands. Since she is kind of an expert on color, formula and current trends, it only makes sense that she has her own nail polish company.

Most of her polishes are holo so I chose three holos that are going to be appropriate for fall and winter.

We’ll save my favorites for last. All swatches have one coat of top coat.

Nine Zero Lacquer Review | The Rebel Planner

S’more Holo is described as a “taupe holographic.” That’s pretty spot-on. I wanted something a little more neutral with subtle holo for when I want something a little more conservative, and this fits the bill. It’s more on the purple side of taupe than the gray side. The holo is very subtle, almost not there at all. My pictures don’t do the holo justice, but it is very subtle.

The formula was ok. Here was two coats, but I should have done a third. I had a few bald spots and the color looked sheer even though the formula was incredibly thick. I know that Jess prefers a thicker formula, but this was too thick. While cleaning my cuticles I saw that there was a thick layer of polish on my nails even though I only did two coats. This is still pretty, but if you like thin polishes, this isn’t for you.

Nine Zero Lacquer Review | The Rebel Planner

June 2016 is described as a “light purple holographic with holographic silver microglitter.” Again, spot-on description. This is more of a light lilac that my pictures are showing (sorry y’all, I’m really trying with the lighting but sometimes it is tricky.) The holo on this is incredibly intense. When I wore this I couldn’t stop waving my hands in the sunlight to see the holo. It’s one of the most gorgeous holos I own.

The formula was perfect. Two coats to holo perfection. Again, a bit on the thicker side but not as thick as S’more Holo.

Nine Zero Lacquer Review | The Rebel Planner

January 2016 is described as a “berry holographic with holographic silver microglitter added in for extra sparkle.” Again, spot-on! I love deep cranberry/berry colors for fall and although this polish was meant for January, to me this screams fall.

For the photos I only needed one coat. Yeah, I was amazed too. I was painting this on and my jaw dropped. The color was so saturated and even on the first coat that I said “fuck it, one coat is all I need.” The formula on this one was the best. It straddles the perfect line between thick and thin. Look at how clean my cuticle lines are! That’s the sign of a good clean up, but also of a perfect polish.

Overall these polishes are so awesome. Despite the formula being too thick for my liking, the saturation and sparkle in these polishes are too great to ignore. I highly suggest these polishes!

Nine Zero Lacquer is available for purchase at its website. Polishes range from $9-$11 while base coats, top coats and treatments range from $6-$9.

Which polish is your favorite? Let me know down below!


  • Mary Chaney 12/08/2016 at 9:24 pm

    Did you find them difficult to remove? Balsam & Cranberry Sauced were extremely difficult to remove. I had to soak each nail heavily with cotton balls and acetone. Cranberry reqired 3 coats because there were bald spots. Colors are gorgeous but my hands hurt from removal

    • alliesteinberg 12/09/2016 at 11:40 am

      Hi there!
      These were easy to remove. They aren’t micro-glitters or something chunky. I did need a bit more remover than usual to remove them, but I think that’s because the Nine Zero formula is thicker than what I’m used to.
      But I definitely feel you about hands hurting from removal. That’s why I don’t wear micro-glitters or glitters that much anymore!
      Thanks for reading!

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