MoYou London Crystal Clear Stamper Review


MoYou London Crystal Clear Stamper Review | The Rebel Planner

Today I have a fun review for you! A few weeks ago I reviewed the MoYou London Kaleidoscopic stamper, but since then the MoYou London Crystal Clear Stamper has come out and I love it 10 times more than the Kaleidoscopic stamper. Found out why down below!

The Crystal Clear stamper is a clear jelly stamper with a cap on both ends. The benefits of a clear jelly stamper are that you can peer into the end of the stamper and see exactly where you are stamping on the nail. This is great for precise placement or layering different patterns on top of each other. I like that this stamper comes with a cap as well. Clear stamper heads are delicate and the cap protects it.

MoYou London Crystal Clear Stamper Review | The Rebel Planner

This stamper is about twice the size of the Kaleidoscopic stamper and is so much easier to use. With the Kaleidoscopic stamper, I found my images look distorted and the covered end made it hard to look into. With the Crystal Clear stamper, I have more room to stamp, I can see easier where I’m stamping and the head is a lot more squishier than the Kaleidoscopic stamper.

MoYou London Crystal Clear Stamper Review | The Rebel Planner

You can see here how much easier it is to see into the stamper than the Kaleidoscopic stamper. Please note: it was really hard for me to get this picture. Please appreciate it!

Images picked up easily with the stamper and I didn’t have to prime the head at all. I know that with some clear stampers over time they stop picking up the image. I’ve never had that problem with this stamper. The only problem that I do have is that you can’t purchase replacements heads and that the stamper head often gets smooshed into the stamper. That means I have to pull the stamper head out of the base every few nails or so. That can get annoying after a while.

The MoYou London Crystal Clear Stamper is available to purchase on the MoYou London website.

What’s your favorite stamper to use? Let me know down below!

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