My Top 3 Favorite Face Masks


My Top 3 Favorite Face Masks | The Rebel Planner

I was taking a bath the other night and while reading “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child” with my favorite face mask on, I realized that I had never made a post with my favorite face masks. Face masks bring me a lot of joy. Whether I’m wearing one for a big event or just to calm down before bed, face masks bring me a sense of happiness that other skincare products don’t give me. But one thing that I’ve inferred from using them is that their cosmetic properties are far different from those effects that you get after using your airbrush makeup. Read my favorite face masks after the jump!

  1. GlamGlow FlashMud Brightening Treatment ($69 for 1.7 oz, $22 for .5 oz.)
    So this technically isn’t called a mask, but it wears like one, so I’m including it. This mask is incredibly exfoliating and brightening (as the name suggests.) You lightly rub the mask onto the face, wait until the mud dries and then wash it off while rubbing to exfoliate. It’s not harsh and doesn’t rip up my skin like other physical exfoliants do, and it gives my skin a bit of moisture. I only have a little trial size, but when I run out, I may splurge and get the full-sized pot. If you’re in Sephora, get a sample of this stuff.
  2. LUSH Catastrophe Cosmetic ($7.95 for 2.1 oz.)
    This is my favorite budget friendly mask. You can only buy this in stores, but damn, it’s worth it. This makes my skin so smooth and so moisturized. This mud mask smells like blueberries and has little chunks of the skins in there as well. the only downside is that this mask has a very quick expiration date of two weeks, but I find I can stretch it out to a month if I place a bit of water or face oil in there. This is a must have in my opinion.
  3. Origins Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask ($26 for 3.4 oz, $17 for 1.7 oz, $4 for 0.34 oz.)
    When I’m having a few breakouts and need to calm down my bumpy, red skin, this is the mask I go to. And at times when I do cannot find time for a mask, I spend time on the internet to learn more about other palpable alternatives. The charcoal draws out the nastiness in my pimples and helps reduce the swelling and the irritation of the zits. This is a bit drying on the skin, but a nice helping of night cream helps fix that. This is a relatively affordable face mask available at Sephora and Macy’s (and wherever else Origins is sold,) and lasts a while. I had a small sample of it that I recently used up and it lasted me over 10 uses, and that was with friends borrowing it too.

Each of these masks has a different purpose and each one is important to my skincare regimen. If I had to narrow down my collection to just three masks, these are the ones that I would save.

What are your favorite face masks? Let me know down below!

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