A Week in My Erin Condren: August 1 – August 7


This week has been crazy. I’ve had nearly no time to relax, sleep or work on this blog. And for that I’m sorry. I pride myself on getting three posts out a week, but that didn’t happen last week. Hopefully this week will be better. A lot happened this week and man, I can’t wait to get into it.

Although my wisdom teeth are all healed up and I’m no longer in pain, I had a post-op check up on Wednesday to make sure everything went fine. Which it did! The next day my pain went away. Thankfully.

I also had a lot of dehydration this week. That’s what I get for drinking coffee and no water! I’m starting to learn my lesson. My cold brew came out amazing though! It’s super smooth and so, so tasty.

My boyfriend surprise visited me on Saturday. I wasn’t expecting him to be there! Unfortunately I had work Saturday and Sunday, so we didn’t have much time together, but I’m glad he visited. We hadn’t seen each other in a month!

Sunday was the scariest though. My brother ended up in the emergency room with a fracture in his neck. Then an outlet in his room started burning and smoking. We shut off the power to his room and thankfully there was no fire, but I got no sleep Sunday night. I had too much anxiety to even think about sleeping. But at least I got Witches Brew with a friend. I hadn’t been there in years! It’s just as good as I remembered. The coffee house’s cherry pie will always be my favorite.

The circle icons, thick banner, tear drops, weekend banner and dividers are from Ladybugzdesignz. The mini square dots, mini white square check boxes, dotted sticker, half box, laptops and TV stickers are from Planner Kate.  The coffee stickers are from Abundance of Erica. The vacuum is from Happy Cutie Studio. The camera, scale, “tired” girl, kissing couple, girl with book are from Keena Prints. The dentist icon is from a Mambi Happy Planner sticker book. The cake is from this Emoji sticker pack. The washi tape is from Michael’s Recollection brand.

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How was your week? Let me know down below!

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