July Empties


July Empties | The Rebel Planner

This month I used up a ton of stuff and sorted through my collection to get rid of some duds. Check it out!

July Empties | The Rebel Planner

  1. Simple Cleansing Micellar Water
    I couldn’t find my favorite Simple eye makeup remover for a while, so I had to resort to this. It worked well and didn’t burn my eyes, but I didn’t like it better than the eye makeup remover.
  2. Physicians Formula Liquid Eyeliner
    This eyeliner lasted me since January! It wasn’t the blackest eyeliner I’ve ever used, but it worked. I would buy this again.
  3. SweetBaby by Donna Cuticle Oil in Jammie Dodger
    This oil smelt amazing but unfortunately I ran out. This made my cuticles look so good! SweetBaby by Donna will always have a place in my heart.
  4. NYX Micro Brow Pencil
    This is my favorite brow pencil ever and I’ve gone through yet another one. These last me a while and I don’t mind buying them again since they’re only $10!

July Empties | The Rebel Planner

  1. Collagen Mask Pack
    This sheet mask worked really well to firm and tone my skin. It looked so tight and bright and this didn’t have an overwhelming smell. I’m trying to use these up, so get ready to see a few more of these!
  2. Beauty 360 Premium Cotton Rounds
    Any cotton rounds work, but these were great. They didn’t break up and fall apart. I use these to remove my eye makeup and to remove my nail polish.
  3. LUSH Ro’s Argan Skin Conditioner
    I’ve had this little travel size for a while and finally finished it up. I only used it when I travelled, so the fact that this lasted me two years was great. I love this skin conditioner so much and I hope to buy the full-size pot again.
  4. Blistex Medicated Lip Balm
    My go-to lip balm. I’ve gone through tons of these. Nothing super special: I just like how minty it is!
  5. Tropical Shine 400/600 Grit Nail File
    While I like to file my nails with a glass file, I like to shape my nails with this file. The grit is fine enough where it doesn’t tear up my free edge. This one was getting dull, so out it goes!

July Empties | The Rebel Planner

  1. Eucerin Intensive Repair Extra-Enriched Hand Creme
    This hand cream was decent. It moisturized my hands but it wasn’t the most intense, hydrating hand cream I’ve ever used. I mostly used this before bed.
  2. Neutrogena Deep Wrinkle Anti-Wrinkle Moisture Night
    Did you really expect me not to have another one of these? It helps with my acne and makes my skin so smooth!
  3. CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara
    I liked this mascara a lot, but it dried up so quickly! This was only in my favorites last month. How did it dry so quickly?
  4. Urban Decay Perversion Mascara
    I had a deluxe sample of this and I hated it. I’ve never disliked a product so much. It is the only mascara to ever smudge on me. It burned my eyes and would give me raccoon eyes by the end of the day. After a few uses, this was tossed. Blech.
  5. Bliss Kiss Simply Smooth Ridge Filling Base Coat
    I liked this ridge filler a lot, but it got thick and no matter how much thinner I used, this would never get back to the right consistency. Plus, my nail polish would come off in one sheet. Not good.

And those are my empties! I got through a lot of stuff this month and I’m glad I’m clearing out my collection. What did you use up this month?


  • Megan 08/19/2016 at 1:30 pm

    Tell me more about that Neotrogena stuff! Is it a retinol? I’m currently using a night wrinkle retinol of theirs to try and help with my acne. I thought I finally figured out a perfect routine and my skin was calming down, but I just had a few pimples flair up! I’m confused…trying to figure out what I did differently that made it freak out.
    Also, I LOVE the NYX Microbrow. It’s the first eyebrow pencil I’ve ever used and I have no desire to try something else. It’s actually super easy – eyebrow pencils used to scare me. But it’s so great. I’m glad to hear it lasted you a while, since I’ve been being a little stingy with mine. I was worried it was going to run out fast on me 🙂

    • alliesteinberg 08/20/2016 at 8:59 am

      Hi Megan!
      Retinol helps with cell turnover rate, meaning that your skin will naturally exfoliate faster and reveal brighter, new skin quicker. That’s why it’s great for pesky breakouts or spots! I’d talk to a derm before using one though. They can be very powerful and can interact badly with other skincare ingredients.
      And yes! The NYX Microbrow pencil is my everything. It does last a while! I find I only need to buy two a year.
      Thanks for reading!

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