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Keena Prints Haul | The Rebel Planner

After my first Keena Prints haul, I’ve been wanting to make another order. So I decided to go all out and make a big order! I got some cool stuff, so let’s jump right in!

Keena Prints is a sticker shop that specializes in cute or “kawaii” stickers. Her trademark designs are the Keenachis. They are girls with different emotions and actions. She also sells chibi cartoon stickers and paper clips. Her stickers are matte and repositionable.

The stickers came packaged in a plastic, sealable bag and then placed into a brown shipping envelope. My name and address were printed onto the bag, so that was a sweet little touch. My order did not come with a tracking number. My order shipped 3 days after I placed it and I received the package about 10 days after it shipped. The shop lists the shipping time to the U.S. as 3-6 weeks. Most people seem to get them within 3.

Reading Keemoji | The Rebel Planner

The first sheet I got is the Reading Keemoji ($1.95.) This reading kitty came on a sampler in my first order. These are so cute!

Take My Money Sticker | The Rebel Planner

These are the Take My Money Cat ($2.45.) These are cute to put next to a day where you spent a lot of money!

Shopping Day Sticker | The Rebel Planner

These are the Shopping Day Keenari ($2.45.) These are definitely me on pay day when I get to do some shopping.

Payday sticker | The Rebel Planner

These are the Pay Day Calligraphy quotes ($1.95.) Perfect for marking when that next paycheck comes in.

"No" stickers | The Rebel Planner

The No Keenachi ($2.45) were so funny to me that I had to have them. Don’t know what I’ll use these for, but they’re hilarious.

Keenari sampler | The Rebel Planner

This Keenari Sampler ($2.45) is a great way to try out some of the blonde Keenachi.

Keenachi sampler | The Rebel Planner

This is the Keenachi sampler ($2.45) that has some other icons on it.

Keenami sampler | The Rebel Planner

I also got the Keenami sampler ($1.45) to try out some of the Keenami. I love the little “so confused” one!

I then got some larger sheets.

Scales | The Rebel Planner

These scales ($2.45) are a great reminder to take my weekly weigh-in. I love how many colors are on this sheet!

Camera comparison | The Rebel Planner

And the last sheet I got were these camera stickers ($2.45.) I was a little disappointed in the size though. I was hoping that these would be the same size as the camera sheet on the right, but they are almost twice the size. They still work in my planner, but I was hoping they would be the same size.

Samplers | The Rebel Planner

These sampler sheets were included in my order. I love the coffee break Keenachi!

I love these stickers and adore the quality of the paper and stickers. I love that these are hand drawn by the owner and can’t be found anywhere else. You get a impressive amount of stickers on each sheet for the price. I only paid $21.10 for all this, and that includes shipping! I highly suggest ordering from this shop.

What have you hauled for your planner recently? Let me know down below!

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