MoYou London Kaleidoscopic Stamper Review


MoYou London Kaleidoscopic Stamper Review | The Rebel Planner

Today I have a fun review for you! A MoYou London kiosk opened up in my mall and there was no way I was leaving empty handed. I got myself the Kaleidoscopic Clear stamper and a stamping plate that has been on my wish list for a while.

MoYou London Kaleidoscopic Stamper Review | The Rebel Planner

The Kaleidoscopic Clear stamper is a clear jelly stamper with a cap. The benefits of a clear jelly stamper are that you can peer into the end of the stamper and see exactly where you are stamping on the nail. This is great for precise placement or layering different patterns on top of each other. I like that this stamper comes with a cap as well. Clear stamper heads are delicate and the cap protects it.

This stamper has a semi-squishy head. It definitely molds to the nail, but it isn’t as squishy as my favorite Winstonia heads or the standard MoYou London rectangular stamper. I do have to make sure to press a bit harder and roll the stamper from side to side to make sure all of my nail is covered by the image.

MoYou London Kaleidoscopic Stamper Review | The Rebel Planner

Here you can see the top of the cap underneath the stamper. It’s pretty clear, but it does get cloudy from time to time. I make sure to clean off my stamper often on a lint roller to get rid of any oils. Oils will cloud your stamper! And don’t use acetone on your stamper head. It will cloud it and make it disintegrate over time.

MoYou London Kaleidoscopic Stamper Review | The Rebel Planner

The plate I got to use with the stamper is Holy Shapes 01. This plate has all over nail images, but there are definitely some images that benefit from a clear jelly stamper. These are the smaller images and fit my nails well. They seem a bit too small for my thumb nail, but if I line it up right, I can get a perfect stamp.

I did a mani using the stamper with placement and one with the stamper and the plate without any placement.

Plur-Ple and Gold #NOTD | The Rebel Planner

In my Plur-ple and Gold #NOTD I used the Kaleidoscopic stamper and a Bundle Monster plate to get a placement on my ring and thumb nails. The images were really centered and I was surprised at how easy it was to see into the stamper.

The only downside to this stamper is that currently you cannot purchase a replacement stamper head. That means if you rip or damage your stamper head, you’re out of luck and have to buy a new stamper. Please MoYou London, offer a replacement head!

If this stamper is too small for you, the brand recently released the Crystal Clear stamper, which looks to be twice the size and accommodates larger nails.

You can purchase this stamper on the MoYou website. It actually looks like this stamper is no longer available on the website! You can purchase the other clear stamper the brand offers here and read my review on it here!

What do you think of this stamper? Have you tried clear stampers? Let me know down below!

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