The Top 3 Products You Need From The Bliss Kiss Semi-Annual Sale


Bliss Kiss Semi-Annual Sale | The Rebel Planner

It’s my favorite time of the year: the Bliss Kiss semi-annual sale! Twice a year the brand holds a sale on its famous nail oils to encourage customers to partake in the Get Naked challenge. The challenge takes place over three days. You apply nail oil every hour to naked nails free of polish and see the difference the oil makes. I’ve never done the challenge, but I can say that this oil has changed the way my nails look. And this brand has other products that are great too! And I’m here to share with you what products you should pick up during the sale.

  1. Pure Cuticle Oil
    This cuticle oil is my HG nail oil. This stuff has made my nails stronger and longer. I did a review of my starter kit from January’s sale. My starter kit from January has just run out, so it lasted me almost seven months. That’s amazing! The starter kit now comes with four filled oil pens, but I also recommend buying the separate dropper bottle. I got way more than four pen refills out of it. My favorite scent is the vanilla. It’s subtle but nice and sweet!
  2. Simply Peel Latex Barrier
    If you’re into nails at any level and haven’t heard of Simply Peel, I’d like to know what rock you’re living under. This latex barrier has been made popular by YouTuber Simplynailogical and there’s a reason why! This latex barrier protects the nails from messy nail art. It peels off like a dream and has glitter in it! I haven’t used this specific product, but most latex barriers work the same. While it’s on sale, I say pick this one up.
  3. Simply Sealed Lotion
    What’s cool about this lotion is that it is in stick form, which means easy application on the go and in a hurry. It’s easy to apply without getting greasy and has the same nail-loving ingredients the cuticle oil does. This is great to use around the nail to keep the skin moisturized.

Want to save an extra 10% on the sale? Make sure to sign up for the Bliss Kiss email. They send out a code that will save you more money.

I know I’ll be picking up a dropper bottle and maybe an extra pen.

The sale goes live 2 PM EST/ 11 AM PST at My Bliss Kiss. 

What are you picking up? Let me know down below!

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