A Week in My Erin Condren: July 4 – July 10


A Week in My Erin Condren | The Rebel Planner

Y’all know the drill with these now. Let’s get on with it!

This week I didn’t have a lot of shifts, so I spent my time running errands and playing Pokemon Go! I did a lot of walking because of that game and got a lot done. If you have the game, let me know what you’ve caught so far! My favorite catch so far is my Horsea.

I also had two dental appointments this week. I had the first of two cavity fillings and a consultation for the removal of my wisdom teeth. Thankfully the cavity filling didn’t hurt at all and took less than 30 minutes, but I’m nervous about getting my wisdom teeth removed. I’m excited to get it over with though!

One habit I’m trying to get into is drinking tea. Not only do I feel energized when I drink it, but it helps with my stomach pains and issues. I only drank tea three times last week, but I’m hoping this week I’ll drink it every day.

Side note: I’m loving the washi for this week. It reminds me of a pool! I felt relaxed every time I looked at my planner.

A Week in My Erin Condren | The Rebel Planner A Week in My Erin Condren | The Rebel Planner

The circle icons, thick banner, tear drops, weekend banner and dividers are from Ladybugzdesignz. The mini square dots, mini white square check boxes, weights icons, dotted sticker and TV stickers are from Planner Kate.  The box and coffee cups are from Abundance of Erica. The suitcase and planner are from Sweet Kawaii Design. The scales, vacuum, face mask label, laptop, pencil and balloons are from Happy Cutie Studio. The camera and makeup brushes are from Keena Prints. The dotted rectangular box is from Oh, Hello Stationery Co. The dentist icons, exclamation point, arrow and “reminder” banner are from a Mambi Happy Planner sticker book. The emoji sticker is from here. The washi tape is from Scotch brand.

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Did you start playing Pokemon Go? Let me know down below!

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