4th of July Lip Art


Hey everyone! I’m away for the weekend and forgot my laptop, so I’m blogging from my phone! It’s strange and I don’t like it.

Anyway, I have this fun 4th of July lip art I wanted to share with you all in time for your barbecues. This was fun to create! Not sure how practical this is, but it sure will turn heads.

To prep the night before, applied lip balm and used a lip scrub. Lip art is incredibly drying and I wanted to make sure my lips were soft and smooth enough.

To start off the look, I applied a lip primer. This will keep the lipsticks in place while hydrating my lips.

I applied MAC Matte Royal to my upper lip and Limecrime Red Velvet Velvetine to my lower lip. Ideally it would be best to use liquid lipsticks on both lips, but I didn’t have a blue liquid lipstick. The liquid lipstick is nice because it’s easy to clean up mistakes with later!

For the stars and stripes I used a white liquid eyeliner and a thin nail art brush. I worked in small strokes. Make sure to clean off your brush in between strokes. The wet liquid liner could drag up the lipstick beneath it and make a pink or light blue.

To clean up I used the nail art brush and more of the lipstick.

In all this took me around 20 minutes. My stars aren’t perfect and my stripes could have been better, but overall I’m pretty happy with this! I did some matching 4th of July nails that I posted on my Instagram!

How are you celebrating the holiday? Let me know down below!

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