4 Other Uses For Washi Tape


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If you’re into planning at all, I’m sure you have seen washi tape in some planner spreads. Washi tape is colorful, decorative tape that can spruce up any boring spread. But washi tape can be used for many other things besides lining your planner, and today I’m sharing the other ways I use it!

  1. Use it to seal letters and packages
    Washi tape is a creative way to seal up a letter or add a bit of color to a brown package. Tape up your letter or package with regular tape, then go over with some washi tape! It will make your receiver feel more special and it adds a bit of a personal touch to the outside of a envelope or box. I like to use it under the sending and return address.
  2. Make wall art
    If you have a roll that you aren’t too fond of for planning but matches your bedroom decoration, create some wall art. You can use washi tape as a faux photo frame, to stick letters to a wall or create line art like this fun wall-to-wall art or this mountain-like art. Make sure to clean your wall down with either soap and water or a Magic Eraser. The tape will fall off if the walls are too dirty or oily.
  3. Pattern-code folders
    Instead of using boring multi-colored tabs to organize folders or notebooks, use washi tape! Choose a different pattern for each subject, topic or area and line the tape of the folder or the top of the notebook. Filing bank statements has never been more colorful!
  4. Decorate everyday objects
    Take boring objects like a switch plate or a pair of headphones by wrapping it in washi tape. Try to mix patterns and solids for a interesting look!

Those are all of my ideas! Have any more? Share them down below!


  • Walter 06/23/2016 at 7:48 am

    Wow! Really cool article!

    I’ve never used washi tape before, how sticky is it? Could you user it to make wallets and flip flops like you can with duct tape?

    • alliesteinberg 06/24/2016 at 8:37 am

      Hi Walter!
      You could use it on flip flops, but I’m not sure how long the washi tape will stick to it over time.

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