Rainbow Heart Gradient #NOTD


Rainbow Heart Gradient #NOTD | The Rebel Planner

After a few weeks of awful, terrible nail breaks, I’m finally back with a #NOTD. My nails are finally grown out to a length where I’m not embarrassed to show them. To celebrate this momentous milestone, I decided to bring out my stamping supplies and try stamping with regular nail polish.

Stamping with regular nail polish can be tricky. You need to use opaque colors and more polish than with stamping polish to get an even image. The polish also dries faster than with stamping polish and can sometimes be tricky to place perfectly. I did a couple of test stamps, but that was only on two colors. The rest were kind of a mystery! Thankfully it turned out better than I thought it would.

I think the hardest part about this look was blending the two colors on the stamping plate. It’s hard to blend them without scraping off too much polish. I tried using a thinner, flimsier scraping card at first, but it didn’t give me the perfect scrape. I then moved onto my regular Starbucks gift card scraper and the blending was a bit better. I still have to practice, but I think for my first go this turned out pretty good.

The polishes I used were: China Glaze Glow With the Flow (pink,) Sephora By OPI Orange (there is no label,) Zoya Pippa (yellow,) China Glaze Treble Maker (green,) China Glaze Shower Together (blue,) and OPI Do You Lilac It? (purple.)

The stamping plate I used was Bundle Monster BM-XL201. That plate is so girly and fun! I want to try out the falling stars next.

Rainbow Heart Gradient #NOTD | The Rebel Planner

My pictures are a little dark because I took these at night instead of in natural light. I wanted to take a picture of my nails in natural light after work, but some of my polish chipped. But the colors are showing up pretty accurate.

I want to get my hands on some colorful stamping polishes and see if blending them is easier than with regular nail polish.

What are your tricks to blend two or more colors on a stamping plate? Let me know down below!

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